Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Couldn't Make This Up!

PandaPop and I were treated to a great lunch at Pei Wei yesterday by an old friend that I did head shots for that he'll use in an upcoming book he's co-authoring. Cool, huh?!

I do not believe in luck or horoscopes or fortune cookies to tell my future. My future is fully known and safe in my Maker's palm. However, with the timing of this particular little fortune yesterday: I. About. Fell. Out. Of. My. Chair.



We have waited OVER SIX YEARS for child number two to be in our family and had more delays and tears than I can even remember. What's another month, right?

Patience is a key to JOY.

The word JOY follows me more than any word has EVER followed me and it is always in the perfect context: pertaining to PandaJOY.

There is another little weird thing that has followed me for the past several months, but that is a new post and subject all its own. Quite interesting.

Happy Wednesday! Find a blessing today that you KNOW is from the Hand of God, straight to your heart!


  1. That must be one of those little "God winks" that he sends in mysterious ways to remind us of his plan ;)

  2. Wow. This was a major sign. It gives me the shivers. Happy Wednesday, dear friend!