Monday, December 13, 2010

To Keep Moving Forward

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In order to keep moving forward and living in the present blessings God so graciously gives we decided to make gingerbread cookies on Friday night and then watched Disney's A Christmas Carol all while cuddled up in our living room with the beautiful Christmas tree lights glowing and our crazy, cuddly PandaDoggie by our side.


Our JOY comes from the Lord not from getting our life the way WE think it should be.

This week is with filled exciting Christmasy things to do with a grown-up girls' brunch, parties for PandaGirl, caroling at a nursing home, wrapping gifts, getting our Christmas card in the mail so that I can mail them out (FINALLY, after waiting & waiting to see if PandaJOY would be in the pic), church staff party, a birthday party and hopefully a trip to see the Gaylord Texan's ICE display.

We finished up our church's worship experience over the weekend. Beautiful rendition of the Christmas story told in a unique way. We watched the person playing God personally hand over baby Jesus to Mary and Joseph, as well as seeing an angel drape Mary in a huge royal purple, flowing organza wrap that represented the "breath" of God. Both very powerful images of God's presence and love for us.

Before the performance last night, we got to Skype with PandaJOY and one set of her soon-to-be grandparents. THAT was a blast!!! They've only met her one other time and that was back in the spring. Ohhhh......we are so ready for that baby girl to be HOME.

Hope that your Christmas is full of blessings and JOY. Look for it!

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  1. I'm glad you are able to move forward. I know it would be easy to just curl up in a ball right now. How nice that skype is an option with PandaJoy. Your gingerbread men are just delightful. Fantastic pics. Best wishes with your busy week ahead! Hugs!!