Monday, January 17, 2011

Celebrating 40

::click to enlarge collage::

Cannot say enough about my super blessed, fun, fabulous and MUCH NEEDED weekend with my college best friends.

We have been friends for over 20 years and though we all live our own lives apart from each other we are bonded forever. We all attended our local community college for two years, but IN those two years we jam-packed a lifetime of memories together.

I have already made 10 pages of collages from the weekend! It was just one of those times when everything seemed to be right and worked out. I'm sure you know those kinds of plans are rare. We actually couldn't ever seem to get a date for the weekend to work out and even this past weekend was a last ditch effort and it unfolded better than we could have planned originally. Sweet.

I have several very close friends and love them dearly. I know I am blessed with precious friendships. I might lack in many areas of my life, but I am one blessed girl with great friends. These four chickadees....well, I just can't put into words. All friendships are different and meet different needs in my life as well as me for my friends'. It is a blessed thing to have a group that is so tight that no matter if we don't talk for-EVER it seems at times, we are bonded and dearly love each other....quirks and all. These three are the ones who knew me before I was a minister's wife. Smile.

The weekend is over. Reality is back. Time to go grocery shopping. How blessed I am!

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  1. Love the collage of your best friends. Sounds like it was a perfect and very well-deserved weekend. Happy young THING!