Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Creative Bug

Sometimes the internet can be addictive, a bummer, bad news, the land of comparison, negative, blah, blah, blah. At other times.....it's downright FUN and GREAT and CREATIVE and INSPIRING and AWESOME.

This is one such time of greatness.

There is this blogger that I have fallen head-over-heels for because of her fabulous wit that reminds me so much of me and she loves messing around with her camera like me and she has little freckles....like me. Yeah, I pretty much just said I have fabulous wit. Well, if you know me in real life or have read this blog for anytime (other than this past year of dreary-ho-hum-posts) you would probably agree. Unless you just think I'm a dork in which case....you're right. Anyhoo---I luuuuuuuhhhhve this chic's style. She had a post about making signs and I tried it out today. I bought the poor little outcast "Happy Holidays" wooden boxes above for $1.79 each marked down from $5.99, painted them, followed the way LMM made her letters and I actually came out with some cute gifts.

Gifts for whom? (or who?----I can't ever remember when to WHOM and when to WHO)

This weekend I am planning to spend celebrating my 40th Birthday....(I know, I know my birthday was in September, the other three girls are spring babies).....with my three college BFFs. Does community college really count as college? Well, it did to us. We enjoyed two years there and then all went our separate ways. (Sic 'em Bears.....that's Baylor for you non-Texans). I hope all goes as planned and we have a great time comparing wrinkles this weekend.

I will fill the boxes with a few goodies, tie them up with black tulle and be full of joy upon delivery and quite proud of myself for just jumping in doing it. I must admit I was worried when I had to start painting the letters. Way, way harder than I thought. I used a really, really fine tip paintbrush just like LMM said and it. was. not. easy. Once I roughed up the paint with sandpaper to "age" it, they really looked sorta cute. Grin.

::click on collage to enlarge::


  1. I'm loving all your craftiness! Keep it coming!!

  2. I LOVE them!!! Ya did good girlfriend! Thanks for the shout out love... (You can lure me to your site any time) I love that you have freckles too. I LOVE my freckles!!

    Later gater,