Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Card Mini Photo Shoots 2010

I added several galleries on The Cotton Crop Photography gallery site (click The Collection) that were from Christmas Card Photo Shoots. I did not open them up to the public before Christmas so that each person could surprise friends and family with their photos for Christmas instead of finding them online.

It was such a RUSH to get cards in the mail with the photos I had taken on them!!

I am looking forward to some great learning and shoots this winter, spring, summer and fall. I have SO much to learn, but I by God's grace, I think I've done quite a lot in my first year at this gig. What a blast it has been!

Watwood Gallery
Ryan Gallery
Reed Gallery
Ledbetter Gallery
Jensen Gallery
Jackson Gallery
Higgins Gallery
Golsch Gallery
Dodridge Gallery
Bain Gallery

Robertson Gallery


  1. You do amazing work. Your settings are divine. I have to say that the super hero family is my favorite picture. I have a special batman post coming. Pinky swear.

  2. wonderful pics, as always! love you!

  3. Wow! Love your pics. I think you've found another one of your MANY talents! Keep up the good work!!!