Friday, January 7, 2011

So Easily Deceived

::click on collage to enlarge::

Look closely at this collage.

Two pictures are staged and lovely and nicely lit and give a sense of....."awe, wow--I really like oranges" or "gee, I bet she is going to cook up something spectacular with all those gadgets".

Now, look deeply at the other two photos. Yes, the animal ones.

These pictures depict the REALITY of my life. The deaf doggie on the bed where he is NOT supposed to be, but has so sweetly made his home there (the last safe refuge for overtaken). The other pic is quite another story.

I am standing in the kitchen overlooking a bar into the living room. How is PandaDoggie up so high you ask? Oh, he is STANDING on the back of the couch.


His vibrating collar has to be off for a few days due to a gaping hole in his neck from it and this is the level obedience he exhibits.

Don't judge. You know you have something in your life, too that just makes you cringe.

His only saving grace is that he is darn sweet and quite beautiful.

This whole post is to, yet again remind MYSELF that the photos I see on other blogs (or my own for that matter) ARE NOT REALITY most of the time. I. must. stop. thinking. others. have. it. together. and I am a inch worm.

Have a blessed real-life-honest-to-goodness weekend!


  1. If you only saw how many of my crafting photos are staged to not show all the MESS behind the project. I love your honesty. Always have.

  2. who cares about the dog on the bed? i love the HUGE hamper of laundry behind him. goes well with the skillets in my sink.

  3. Of course we are all in the same boat! Right now, my living room is covered in clean clothes waiting (for days) to be folded and put away while my kitchen floor is covered in piles of dirty clothes waiting (for even more days) to be put in the washer and dryer BEFORE getting to the couch to wait to be put up! We always judge ourselves by standards we think others are. None of us want anyone else to see where we fail so often. But we must keep trying to use our time better and live each monent for the glory of God. I love you and think you are awesome!!!!

  4. i know you know this---but heehee!! love ya!!