Sunday, January 9, 2011

National ID

I am baffled by this news.

I shouldn't be because right there in Revelation it says these things will happen. I just did a Bible Study last semester on the end times. No one can "figure it all out", but we can be wise, alert and aware.

PandaPop mentioned this to me last night. It greatly disturbed me even through the night. There was a dooming sense of having no way around the thing.

You can read the blurb for yourself by clicking Fox News. Please come back and give me your thoughts. If you know anything about Revelation you know that the world is to try and make a one-world-currency. The mark. It will be needed for all transactions. You don't take it, you don't survive without it. Simple economics. The Bible doesn't say the exact words of "one world currency", but there is ample evidence that this will take place under the rule of the Antichrist.

Do not attack me and say that I am saying Obama is the Antichrist. I am saying no such thing. I am just looking at what he is proposing and what the Bible says. I know Who wins in the end. The here and now, however is the freaky part.

Think about it for a minute. WHAT IF....the government took over the internet and said you cannot BE on the internet without a national ID number? No ordering, no blogging, no email, no FB, no online banking or bill paying, no nothin'.

We aren't just talking about social networking, which is a fun luxury and sometimes quite beneficial in who we are as a people. We are talking about how you cannot function in a society that is internet based....if you are not on the internet.

PP said there is no way he'd do it.

How would you live day to day?

Would I still be a photographer? All my work displays, proofs, advertising is online.
Would I stay in touch with oodles of friends? FB and this blog keeps me connected like never before.
Would I ever be informed of ANYthing? I do so much surfing and find out tons online.
Would I resort to growing vegetables in my backyard? making my own clothes?
Would we turn into the true Jesus-freaks of society (as opposed to the ones we already are now)? By not taking the ID, we'd be the outcasts......even among most other Christians who would take the number thinking it was harmless.

We can shrug this off and say, "It'll never happen", but think about it for a minute. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this either here in the comments or on FB.

Whether you are a Believer or not, what say you?


  1. I agree whith you Sister!!! Reading that article gave me the chills. They make it sound like our lives will be enhanced and made easier and safer. But look closer people it is like bait on a hook. It might look good and smell good and it is alot easier than getting it for yourself, BUT there is still a hook underneath it!!! Praying for wisdom on the part of our government leaders!!

  2. Its really something. So much is being revealed and unraveled lately. Aren't we glad we read this ahead of time!

  3. hey - they did the whole "no-footprint" thing way before we knew what a "footprint" was - I challenge you to go digital free for a day - its actually easy - however - you may end up playing solitar w/real live cards and reading a real live book or - heaven forbid - write an actual letter:-)

  4. Interesting. I might argue that we already have a type of worldwide internet id already though in our IP addresses (which irks me). My thought would be that Obama does not have enough time left to make it so and that conservatives would not continue where he leaves off.