Friday, April 15, 2011

Celebrity Life

Central park held various new sights and experiences for me.  After walking for...EVER....we searched out the typical street vendor for a NY hot dog.  It was no spectacular event, but was so fun to sit on a bench just outside the walls of the park to down our dogs.  Reckless was able to snap this pic just after having to look at her phone messages and noticing that there were many, many, many missed calls from her husband.  I looked at my phone at the same time seeing that PandaPop had called me EIGHT times! I thought there was some horrible emergency, called him and let him explain that Reckless' phone was purse-dialing her hubby a million times and staying on allowing them to hear lots of our jabbering throughout the park! All was ok and we returned to our pilgrimage with renewed sustenance.

We saw a couple of different sets of people with large video cameras and mics filming some kind of independent epic.  The one that made me roll eyes and want to rescue the star of the show was when I saw a beautiful brown cat with a ginormous collar on his neck, a large leash held by a man in a black pin-striped suit and fancy shoes, a college aged girl with a handheld device like Captain Kirk would hold and another college aged looking guy trotting alongside the trio holding the camera capturing every move of the kitty.  

I am a cat lover and have always had one or two of the little snoots.  I will tell you....that cat was not happy with his contract and was a bit ticked that no one was listening to his needs.  How do I know this?  He was struggling to get to the fence line where he proceeded to try and scrape the huge collar thing off, his tail was flipping back & forth in the "I'm ticked!!!!" mode and when he was drug along for more fun his whole demeanor screamed that he was NOT having the time of his life in Central Park like I was.  I am the kind of person to talk to strangers with no problem.  Curiosity was about to kill this cat-lover so I approached the girl and asked what they were doing.  Zoot Suit Man told me that this particular cat was well known and even famous in Central Park and on Columbus Avenue.  Well, well.....who knew we were in the presence of stardom?  The large contraption on the cat's collar was actually a camera so that they could record the journey from the cat's point of view. Hmph.  I wonder if they had a camera to document his contempt at the whole affair?  As I do with anything that I like, I asked very nicely if I could take a picture of him and was promptly told by Zoot that indeed NOT, but he handed me his business card and said that I could email him and he'd send one back to me.  Gee thanks, George Lucas.

I lost the important business card and goo*gled it instead.  Sad to say that nothing popped up when I entered "famous cat in central park"....or Columbus Ave.

People are crazy.

Including me.

Serendipity.....the my all-time favorite chick-flick.  In my opinion the kiss between Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack is THE best screen kiss of all time.  M-m-mmm.  The movie ranks up there with You've Got Mail (which by the way my Reckless friend has.never.seen.  So sad for her!!!!!!!!!!! She didn't even GET it when I saw a dog just like Brinkley running through the park!) and Sweet Home Alabama. of my goals in NYC was to visit Serendipity 3.  No, it's not the third store site they own.  There is some story on the website that explains why it's named that, but it escapes me at the present.  The place it tiny, but decorated in a fun, funky way.  We didn't even have to wait.  After the movie came out years ago I remember reading of three hour waits and reservation musts. Crowded, but we made it in after we downed THE BEST white pizza with sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms and fresh basil across the street at  Patsy's Coal Oven Pizza house that's been around since 1933.  I don't know if the pizza was really the best ever or if it was the fact that it was my first meal in New York City.  I was in heaven.

Below are pics from the world famous Carnegie Deli.  So famous that I'd never even heard of it, but my sweet friend who gave me her NYC tour book and map told me it was a must for us.  Apparently it IS famous because it was jam-packed and the walls were COVERED in signed celebrity photos.  I was hoping to spot someone famous but instead we had a French couple sit beside us who'd just flown in that day and were first timers to the USA and then beside them was the British family who were so giddy to be here that I had to giggle.  I get giddy over many small and giant things.  The large British man beside me in the baby blue rugby shirt was like a child in a toy store and couldn't contain his precious appreciation for a good pastrami sandwich.

Pastrami.  PAH-STRAH-MEEE.

The sweet French couple couldn't speak English.  Well, the guy could get out a few words, but the misses just sat there doe-eyed and mumbling things.  Clearly by the way they were ping-ponging their heads from our table to the Brits' they weren't sure what to order.  We were told what to order by a local from the street when we were a bit lost in trying to find the deli.  He said we HAD to have the pastrami on rye and the Matzah ball soup, but to split it because it was so freaking huge.

I thought I'd help in my sweet Texan way.

According to Reckless I was doing the get louder with my voice thing when trying to get Miss Frenchy to understand what exactly she should order from our Chinese waiter who clearly spoke New York.

It was a delightful time of international communing.  And I loved every second of it.

The brightly colored pickled was my first time to taste a half-pickle-half-cucumber, but it was so yummy along with the PAH-STRAH-MEEEE.

What great New York moments!!!


  1. Still so jealous!! And funny because I was standing by your husbands while they frantically tried calling you & Reckless. I was at church to set-up for Journey. That convo was pretty funny and I got to hear parts of the convo because M.I. played them over for us

  2. I'm glad you got to Serendipity. And remember if you need the recipe for a frozen hot chocolate from this restaurant, it's on my blog. I'm loving all your pictures. I want to go back to NYC so bad. Happy Friday!

  3. Chris, Jonathan, and I are going in early summer. I can't wait!!! We are doing the tourist thing, but I do have Brooklyn roots, and we will be meeting up with family during our stay. So glad you had a great time!

  4. ...and fun was clearly had by all ;) You SO deserved this trip!

  5. I'm so glad our conversation was broadcasted at church!