Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Last Hurrah for the Big 40

I do believe I am tired of celebrating turning 40. My birthday was in September and I have celebrated a few times since then. I had a wonderful time back in January with my college girlfriends. I still revel in that perfect weekend.

Forty has been so challenging for me!!! Some deep personal struggles along with adding in the crazy deaf dog that is like having another child and the addition of PandaJOY with all the stress that came with her and PandaGirl adjusting to life with a time-demanding sibling. I am worn out. OUT.

This trip to NYC was so fun and I loved all of it!!! Central Park was a huge surprise to me because I had no idea that I'd fall in love with it. We decided to walk instead of take a pedi-cab for $80 though Tao and Hussein, the drivers trying to make their daily quotas of tourists' sightseeing, tried everything in the book to get us up in their little pumpkins. Reckless and I made sure to wear the most comfortable shoes we own and walked for the entire day. My legs felt like noodles and my joints were dangly, but I wouldn't trade it at all.

The stunning architecture, masonry, stone carvings, woodwork and sheer craftsmanship throughout the park were breathtaking to me. The spring foliage had not yet arrived, but even still that place was magnificent to me. I loved seeing and hearing several musicians playing in the park. I bought two CDs from a group of guys playing early jazz. I am a smooth-jazz kinda girl and to hear early American jazz being played for The Old Rugged Cross put me over the top. I was giddy about putting my $20 bill in the instrument case and taking my two discs while the guys continued playing. Ask Reckless.....I'm sure she got tired of me squealing and clapping for joy over my purchases in the park.

There were more happenings along the way like stopping for a vendor hot dog and talking with the cat with dog tendencies, but I'll save those for tomorrow....


  1. Girl, you make 40 look FAB ;) Glad you loved the City, and though spring is lovely, there's nothing quite like it at Christmas time.

  2. yeah, i'm not linking to the crazy picture of me eating the cupcake. that's just plain scary... i took a pretty good picture of you sitting in that doorway though. i think that's where we met Louis.