Saturday, April 16, 2011

NYC-Bits & Pieces (no pun intended...really)

Just a few random pics......

1. Me and Reckless just starting out in Times Square.

2. Great world traveler pajamas from Tar*get that Reckless picked up for us just for fun!! There was, of course a great NYC place in the print making them practically perfect (a little Mary Poppins tip of the hat there!!). Yes, my thighs are quite a bit larger than hers, but did you have to bring that up?

3. After our spectacular Mary Poppins Broadway musical experience we needed something yummy & sweet hence the ice cream with sprinkles (gag....mine was chocolate and then chocolate dipped!) straight from a street vendor in Times Square.

4. Please do not comment about me being sacrilegious.  I love Jesus deeply and He loves me.  He is my Savior.  However, this very old and probably-famous-somewhere-painting hanging in The Metropolitan Museum of Art cracked. me. up.  Yes, it is a form of flattery when someone tries to paint a picture of what Jesus the Christ might have looked like, but come on.....really?  I am pretty sure this isn't even close.  I just imagine his voice kind of in a high falsetto saying, "Heyyyyyy....check this out!!"

Nuh-uh.  Still makes me giggle.  Maybe He's laughing a bit, too.

5. Ahem....don't laugh. This is art. For the sake of those with junior high humor like myself I had to cover his precious private parts that were really OUT THERE for all to view.  This is Perseus holding Medusa's chopped off head at The Met (duh....The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Get cultured, please).  Eeewwwe...snakes.  Good job P.

I saw lots and lots and lots of boo*bies and other private parts while observing the fine art here.  I loved the museum for about the first hour and then I was like a four year old who'd had enough and would rather go play at McDonald's.  My Reckless friend studied art a good bit in college.  She was in hog-heaven and I really wanted bless her so I was a good girl, well pretty good, and stayed to appreciate the art (where else was I gonna go?).   I thought I was going to die when she said we were headed to. the. second. floor.  Oh freak!!  It was all good and a great experience overall.

6.  Cute I ♥ NY mug I got for my girls.  They are actually about 1/3 the size of a regular coffee mug.  So cute.  They eat candy out of them.

7. I am so ticked that I didn't get a pics inside FAO Schwarz.  It was so cute! Terribly crowded.  We both had our pictures made into puzzles: hers was perfect as she posed as a cast member of all the Star Wars main characters for her son who is the hugest fan on the planet. Mine makes me very happy.  I have always said that if I could live anywhere else it would be The Hundred Acre Wood (Winnie the Pooh!!!) so my pic is me sitting at a table with Pooh, Tigger and Piglet having some lemonade.  Delightful. (Just for the record if The Hundred Acre Wood is full I'll be headed to Rivendell where the Elves live in Lord of the Rings and then if by some chance they aren't taking newbies then I'll be just as happy in Pixie Hollow with Tinkerbell and her friends......just in case you were wondering).

8. Crumbs Cupcakes.  Oh my.  Tons of calories and scrumdillyumptious flavor!! We each got a huge cupcake to celebrate our birthdays.  I can't remember what Reckless got, but I devoured my cookie dough cupcake filled with chocolate fudge in the center.....while sitting in Central Park.  Lovely.

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