Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NYC-Part 1

I have a few minutes to post this pic and to say that NYC's Central Park was my most favorite part of the trip!!! I loved it!

I had no idea that there was so much beautiful architecture, stone work and masonry throughout the whole thing. Stunning craftsmanship and artistry was everywhere alongside the beautiful foliage that was just about ready to bloom. I would love to go back in about three weeks when all of the cherry blossom trees and all the green leaves are in full force. I'm sure it will be breath-taking!!

I will elaborate on our walk through Central Park in the next post. For now just enjoy the collage and anticipate the stories that will come with them...

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  1. How fun for you! My daughter and i went a few years back. We spent one whole day walking Central Park and still didn't see half of it. Have fun and post lots of pics soon.