Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just a Small Town Girl***

Livin' in a lonely world....she took the midnight train goin' anywhere.....

Yes, last night I went to a concert for Journey*, Foreigner* & Night Ranger*.

Can I get a collective....AWE!!!! from my buddies who are my age?!!

I didn't get any good pics of Journey* but then it really didn't matter because it wasn't Steve Perry*, but an Asian guy, who by all good graces really can sing just like SP, however it just didn't cut it for us.

Though a GREAT time was had by all, my friends and I all agreed that we left the concert feeling like we'd truly heard Foreigner*, but felt lacking after hearing Journey* songs without Steve Perry* actually singing them.  I mean the musicians are great and all, but SP WAS Journey and without him.....well, it was like hearing a cover band doing Journey's* songs.  

There was a sold out crowd of 20,000 people in the outdoor park.  We had lawn seats since they were cheaper than the regular seats which I knew no one would actually be sitting in anyway once the rockin' started so we were quite content on our blanket.

I think I might have shouted, raised my arms and screamed a little at a few moments during this mayhem.  All in good fun.  Of course, listening to some of the lyrics to these songs now as an adult and as one who tries to live a godly life (ahem.....TRIES) made me cringe a bit.  

The crowd was really lots of oldies reliving the glory days, which I would not return to for anything, mind you. It did blow my mind that people brought their children.  


First of all WHY on earth would you WANT to bring your children to a rock concert and secondly, the music was SOOOOOO LOUD....why would you want to damage your kids' eardrums so early in life???

 Blows my mind.

PandaPop was originally supposed to be in the place of my Reckless buddy, but we couldn't secure one of our authorized babysitters to keep the girls (that's another foster system snafu that keeps us from dating as much as we'd like to, but I digress) so my Beloved volunteered to stay home with them and let me go since I am a music freak and he could easily do without the crowds.  

The couple in front are my dear friends who made the night even more fun!! 

I can't quite hear as well as I used to on Saturday morning, but I had a blast rockin' out right along with all the other 40-somethings grasping at glimpses of our youth.

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  1. Good for you! Looks like an awesome concert, despite the absence of your hubby. Cute pics.