Tuesday, September 20, 2011

You Can't Have Your Bride & Eat Her, Too


I'm on a kick.

Feeling the rush that comes from being sucked into an imaginary world that makes you think for a second or two that these characters are real and that you are watching their lives unfold.

Then I blink and remember that reality does not contain cold-skinned midnight bloodsuckers nor warm overgrown angry dogs that turn into boys with muscles.

Back at this posting from 2008 you can see that I enjoyed the midnight showing of the first of the Twilight* Saga* movies. (You have to pardon the old and outdated blog background, header, name, etc. and the first part of the post about the dinner thingy).

For some reason last Friday afternoon I got the itch to see the first two movies again.  Oh wait....I remember why now.  I got the 3rd movie in the mail from Netflix*** (now aren't they in the line of fire this week?? Dude....you've lost millions!) and wanted to rehash the first two stories so I could really get into the scenes.

I borrowed the first two and watched them a couple of nights apart and am chompin' at the bit to see #3 tonight after the girlies go nighty-night!!  

Do I believe in vampires or werewolves? 


Is the story fun to follow? 


Is it completely cheesy?

You betcha!

Have I been stressed lately over a certain issue and am enjoying the escape?

You better believe it.

Do I know my True Source of empowerment, strength, renewal and hope don't come from a Bizarre Love Triangle (who knows that song?!!!!!!!!!!) between a vampire, werewolf and fickle melancholic girl, but rather from the Living God who made me?

Without a doubt.

I'm just having some fun and now I.CANNOT.WAIT.UNTIL.BREAKING*DAWN*.COMES.OUT in November!!!!!!!! I don't think I have it in me to do the midnight showing again unless I have friends who beg, but I don't know if they can hang with the super-uber late nighter either (you know who you are so tell me!!).  The kicker is that I wasn't even aware that the 4th movie was coming out until last night and now that makes it all the MORE fun, urgent and everything more exciting!!!

***UPDATE*** No lie!!!!!.....I was cooking dinner, PandaPop was being goofy chanting like a monk in a monastery and it made me think of the Italian Volturi Vampires in their chambers and AT THAT MOMENT I SLICED MY INDEX FINGER ON A PIECE OF FOIL......JUST LIKE BELLA did at the Cullens' house!! LOL!!!!!!!  And for even more Twilightish happenings today....I was at PP's office working in the work room, looked over beside the paper cutter I was using there was an old box that used to have meatballs in them. Guess what the name of the company was: Bella.  Yes, Bella Meatballs.  It's all too much fun. Except slicing my finger, of course.


  1. I know that song. And Miss Noteworthy happens to dig New Order. Yeah, I'll probably have been at practice until who knows how late, I'm sure I'll be up (even if I wasn't part of the original).

  2. I love that song. And I dig New Order.

    And you both know that I can't hang that late anymore. Unless I've slept from nine until 11:30 and I'm fresh up from a nap.

    I've seen the first two, but haven't watched the third yet. It kind of fizzled out for me.

  3. I can't wait to go!!! Sad that I have to wait a whole year to see the second part!!! It is just FUN for me. I know none of its real and like you, My strength comes from the Lord. I don't go to the midnight ones b/c I don't like listening to the girls screaming over the movie, I want to HEAR all of it. But Samantha has gone to midnight showings of movies (like HP). I will go to the early show the next morning. Kind of an early birthday present for me. I turn 46 on the 28th. The countdown begins!