Friday, September 30, 2011

Power to the Pumpkin

There is no exact moment in time that I can recall as to why I adore pumpkins so much. Possibly it's because this time of year means high school football is in full swing and I have gobs of memories from my childhood as I ran around the stadium at games when my older brother (by 8 years) played ball. I haven't been to a game since around 1993 when PandaPop and I attended the game of some of our youth from church where he served as youth minister.

I have vivid memories of me and my friends swinging from the steel blue bars that were actually the old barriers for the concession stand lines, but they made for the perfect gathering spot for us kids.  Playing Dallas Cowboy* Cheerleaders or super serious re-enactments of Charlie's Angels* kept us glued to those bars unless we were running around on the other side of the bleachers looking for dropped treasures through the cracks of the seats. The image of a dark red Dr. Pepper wax-lined soda cup (that I faithfully chewed to pieces at each game) fills my mind along with the must-have slit package of corn chips with chili and cheese and a little plastic white spoon: The Frito Pie. Super sized pickles and green apple bubble gum are forever imprinted in my mind, too.

On super cold nights at the games there was hot chocolate in the small white styrofoam cups to keep us warm for a few minutes.  Living in central Texas at the time meant that cold was probably anywhere from 32 degrees to 55 matter I just remember being bundled up at games and loving it.  Actually, as a kid, I probably hated it at the time. Ya know, being uncomfortable and all.  As an adult, however, the nostalgia is so strong that at times I can smell the aroma and hear the sounds of the crowd and the announcer of a Texas Friday night football game.

That was when I was a kid in elementary.  As a junior higher (we didn't call it Middle School back in 1984) I switched schools to the nearby community, made cheerleader and had a whole new perspective on FNF (Friday Night Football).  I was in hog heaven in my royal blue cheerleading skirt, jingly bells on my shoes, megaphone and pom poms ready at a moment's notice and my long blond hair all curly and atop my head in an I Dream of Jeannie* pony-tail.  I did that for five years and it was the best part of high school (not that I was in HS for 5 years....I do have blond hair AND have a brain...the first year was in 8th grade).  Especially wearing our uniforms to school on Fridays.  It made for some catty girls and some heartbreaking times, but overall......I drank it in.

There is the smell of trash burning in the fall that I adore as well.  I lived out in the country and my family burnt trash instead of having a trash truck.  Not sure why I relate it so much to fall because it wasn't specific to that time of year, but I do and as soon as I get a whiff of smoke from a trash pile or campfire my senses carry me away to another time.

There's also the anticipation of Halloween, hayrides, Thanksgiving and then Christmas.  It all starts with the first dip in temperatures from the sultry summer heat.  I think when the craft stores like Hobby**Lobby put out the fall stuff the day after Easter it kind of takes away from the giddy excitement of it all when September finally does roll around.  I can't stand seeing Christmas decor out on the shelves in April!!! For Pete's sake (who's Pete, again??) WHY must the commercialism ruin everything that was once sacred.  Ok. Maybe not sacred, but at the very least...special...all the fall & Christmas decor coming out in September was much better than seeing it the day after I swallow an Easter Peep*.

The scent of pumpkin spice or apple/cinnamon or even a citrusy blend of scents permeating my home makes me want to cuddle my kids and snuggle with my man!  A pair of great boots (which, by the way, I got a pair last week from Target*---can you BELIEVE IT??---and they just might be my favorite EVER.....but that's another post), perfect fitting jeans, a cozy sweater and cool temps put me over the edge.

My precious man LOVES to light the pinion wood in our chiminea on our back porch.  I love to sit back and breathe in the scent while sipping the perfect cup of cream-flavored coffee.  The girls playing (and getting along....ahem) while we sit in our pub table height patio chairs watching the flames flicker in the chiminea is one of my favorite things to do.  Now that yours truly loves her deaf doggie so much.....he adds a special touch to our backyard experience when he sits at our feet so loyally. So, so ready for cooler temps.

As difficult as the past few months (years!!!) have been, I am really looking forward to spending this fall enjoying my family and looking forward to the fun and blessings of Christmas as a family of four.  I know I harp on that, but since we are still just hanging on the threads of the foster system's unraveled rug I must focus on the good that God brings our way as we wait.

His blessings are bountiful

Do you love fall as much as me? Please tell me WHY.  I'd love to know!!! 

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  1. Bring on FALL and anything orange/pumpkin related!!! Beautiful post and beautiful pics.