Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of First Grade

PandaGirl was so excited, giddy and just a doll this morning getting ready for school, during the quick Jeep ride to school and walking inside the school. However, once we started to walk the halls with all the commotion and the many people wandering around we noticed her confidence waning with each step until Miss Independence was grabbing my hand unknowingly all while saying, "I don't think I want to go to first grade anymore" with wide eyes and an ever-increasing grip on my hand.

She made it into her room, found her locker, labeled seat and a few friends from last year's class and all of a sudden was back to being "so big" and didn't want me taking any pictures. I took pictures. She'll appreciate it when she's grown. ; )

Her new teacher will be delivering a baby in two weeks so a long-term sub will come on board for awhile. Hope this goes OK.

After school, PG had picked up some kind of smart alec attitude that had to be brought back to reality very quickly. Not the best of evenings as I had planned and hoped for, but we are all fine and ready for a new day of first grade.

Yes, she got a darling new hair cut in order to "look" different than a little ol' Kindergarten kid. I also LOVE this neon hot pink shirt against her summer-tanned skin. She was quite a cutie-pie, despite being a little turkey after school. LOL!


  1. I love the darling haircut and I'm glad the first day went as well as it did. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the long-term sub is just AMAZING!!

  2. Love the haircut. How could a little girl that cute ever cop an attitude?

  3. Nothing like learning something at school! SB came home with a school is great and boys are gross!! She wouldn't tell me why...11 boys 5 girls! What is in the water here?? Love the haircut--she looks great!

  4. Love the posting & photos--so doggone cute...just remember that 'ya gotta have rain to get that beautiful rainbow' hummm---great blog because---"tacky moments makes us TREASURE the good ones even more, right?
    ... smiles :-D

  5. LoveloveLOVE the hair! Wish I could still get mine cut that loses something in translation and I never get it. Anyway. ADORABLE on her. Good for you for taking pics...I miss that. She'll be grateful for it later...

    Enjoy your days...they go by fast!

    One of the good things about public school is learning that not everyone around you has your values. It gives one a chance to stand for what they believe, to put into practice the things that separate us from a lost world, and to see the difference in a life lived for the's a mission field. She was made for such a moment as this! Watch as she thrives and you get to help! What a blessing! Bittersweet, I know. She's growing up...

  6. Yay! Happy first day of First Grade!! Love the haircut. S.G. had a good first day, but missed being at her old school that she loved so much. I think she'll fall in love with this school though...I hope.

  7. Have to say I love the hair cut, too!!! It's a hit, we all love it, lol! I am sure the attitude came from being over tired. I know mine get that way when they have done a lot! love ya!

  8. First grade, wow! I like her backpack!