Friday, August 7, 2009

Revelation Overload!!!

I am quite sure that PandaGirl is feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the information overload she has experienced within a few days. The last two posts are relevant to this post. She has had to process big revelations in her little life and now....


***She lost her 8th tooth yesterday. Awesome!!!

***She put it under her pillow like the previous seven teeth so that the wonderful Tooth Fairy could leave money or a surprise.

***She came into our bedroom this morning like every morning, got on the bed where I was sitting and said in an upbeat tone,

"Guess what the Tooth Fairy left me?"

and she held out her little hand as she was saying---with really quite a hilarious perturbed tone and slightly annoyed look on her face---



The cat had my tongue, because I couldn't believe I had forgotten and stunned that my kid was actually on to me! I wanted to ROTF&LMBO, but I held back as best I could and only let out a nervous giggle which prompted,

"Mo-uhm, it's NOT FUHHH-NNY!"

"Ummm.....ummm.....well, ummm....." "HONEY, come help me please!!!" as I called to PP to come take some heat with me and to not miss this great moment.

PP caved immediately and looked at PG sheepishly and revealed the whole ugly truth and proceeded to hand her two golden dollar coins.

However, on the 7th lost tooth two months ago, PG tried to pinpoint my actual dealings with the "Tooth Fairy" and asked if it was me. I never told it wasn't me, but I also did a really good job of skimming right over the question and moving on to a new subject. For the most part she was totally fine this morning and we made a big fun time out of it. We also told her that she COULD NOT let on to her friends that their parents do the same thing and we don't want to spoil the fun for them.

(We'll just stick to spoiling all the fun for our own kid! lol.)

So, not only did she find out this week that she was in another woman's tummy & her beloved birth country isn't all it's cracked up to be, but to pour salt all over the wound she finds out that the Tooth Fairy is her parents! AHHHHHH!

I guess I'll be using the cute Tooth Fairy stickers on a scrapbook page in a different fashion than I originally envisioned. Now, I will reveal the whole truth and nothing but the truth about my own failure as the TF. ; )

No worries---PG still has her fun giggles!



    This is the cutest ..... and frankly most NEEDED laughter! Thanks for posting. The picture is absolutely PRICELESS.
    LUV IT ...LUV IT ...LUV IT


  2. This has been quite the week...hasn't it!! The same exact thing happened while we were in China in 08. Not only did the tooth fairy fail to follow us to China, but it was Easter and there wasn't a single Easter basket left in our hotel room. Oops.

    Let's hope this weekend is a bit more relaxing. Hugs!!

  3. Oh NO! I was able to concoct some wild story about how the tooth fairy probably had a lot of business with first-timers and since it wasn't Little Chic's first tooth, she probably thought Little Chic would understand when I forgot one time. The TF had to leave a very apologetic note explaning and a little extra surprise to make up for it ;) Sounds like PG was already on to you, though!

  4. We forgot, too, but we had just moved around the world and mentioned that maybe TF hadn't recieved our change of address card yet. So...we tried a second time and she came. What was difficult was watching her explain to her little friend (who has lived most of her life in this country and has never been blessed by the tooth fairy) that she must not have enough faith. Had to apologize to that mom for the whole sticky situation. We're close to being busted!

  5. I totally LOVE the disgusted look on PGs face. SO FUNNY!!!

  6. Cracking up!!

    Tried to find those same pajamas in S.G.'s size, but couldn't. Love them!!

    S.G. has not lost one tooth yet!!! Not sure how we're going to handle to tooth fairy thing. LOL!!

    Love ya!!