Monday, August 31, 2009

Random Blips

***Thoroughly enjoyed my early birthday lunch at Johnny Carino's that my parents treated me to on Saturday.

***Sighed over my brown, dead plants in the front flower bed.

***Watched a couple of kiddos for a neighbor Friday night and then had a listening ear for a couple of friends struggling with some issues.

***Worked on gathering music and ideas for teaching the preschoolers at church for MOPS and development center. Start in the morning!

***Giggled as PandaGirl confessed how she "tooted" in front of her whole first grade class and was so embarrassed when they all laughed. First lesson in how to silently relieve oneself. lol!

***Walked to school to pick up PG on Friday. Couple of miles to and from. Gorgeous green tree trail for half of it.

***Wondered if Face**Book is really worth it when hackers can get in so easily.

***Though I was busy with music preps, I totally enjoyed being a SAHM while PG was in school. Completely new world!

***REALLY want to give more details about our next adoption, but am choosing to wait until more official news comes our way.

***Ached for my friend who should have traveled to China Aug. 13th to pick up their son and now have to wait until, at least Sept. 17.

***Basked in the teeny, tiny drop in temperatures and am looking forward to a wee bit more this week.

***Getting that warm, fuzzy feeling in my bones about fall peaking around the corner. LOVE me some pumpkins!!!

***Realized that fat will crawl back on in a New York minute if I don't watch what I eat. Stupid calories. Darn them!

***Listened to a dear friend give details of his families recent work in Germany with missions and how his family is really struggling to adjust, but God is moving in mighty ways in their ministry.

***Wondered if I will EVER get pictures in the very large tri-fold screen I bought back at spring break that sits in my living room with people's pics in it that I don't even know.

***Cooked dinner several times! Woohoo!

***Accidentally smooshed a little gecko in the door.

***Baffled as to how our huge dog escaped our back yard and is still missing.

***Chompin' at the bit for the rest of our little family to come together!

***Drank in the beauty of these colorful roses that PandaPop brought me just because he loves me. The stunning red one below was for PG. He always brings her one just for her along with mine. Love that man.


  1. Ok. I'm tired after reading through your list. Sounds like you were a super woman this weekend. Here's to another productive and lovely week, my friend!!

  2. LOVE mine and LOVE yours! Thanks for doing makes me smile knowing you've been there! Thinking on your birthday post....might not be able to do it without tears. We'll see.

    Love you! Miss you TONS! What I wouldn't give to hug your neck and hear your laugh!...right NOW!