Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Am My Beloved's...

Our anniversary getaway to a bed & breakfast couldn't have been more perfect. Our room was exquisite with deep rich dark brown stained hardwood flooring, matching bead-board ceiling, same wood wrapped jacuzzi tub, gorgeous sitting area with loveseat, pillows, red, brown and taupe decor along with a large flat screen TV/DVD player.
(FYI---those two glasses are ones we have used every year since circa 1995 after PP bought them at the grocery store for 98 cents each while we were in Seminary. The bottle in the pic is sparkling grapejuice......even if we DID drink alcohol I wouldn't because I think it tastes sooooo gross! lol!)


We have been on our honeymoon to Dis*ney World in 1992, a semi-bed & breakfast (cottage at an encampment for ministers to "retreat") on our 6th anniversary and we went on a cruise in 2002 with our BFFs. That would be the extent of our vacations over the past 17 years. With summers being the busiest time for PandaPop's ministries over the years and living away from all our family, we have only been able to use vacation time for holidays and such. Not complaining, but I have often wondered if we'll ever get to "vacay" much. With all that goes on in the world I don't think I'll lose any sleep over it. ; )

At our mid-morning breakfast in the main house we met a retired couple from Florida and a young couple who actually lived just 30 minutes away from us though the B&B was two hours in the other direction! LOL!

PP and I had a very relaxing time just hanging out, doing "some other stuff"**wink**and not being pressed for a scheduled. We both very much needed some real down time and couldn't have asked for a better way or place to have it.

"I am my beloved's and he is mine."
Song of Solomon 2:16


  1. Looks like a beautiful and well-deserved weekend.

    PS. I love your scarf/belt (you skinny thing)!!

  2. What a deserved get-away! You need to do that every summer after the craziness dies down! (I understand about the crazy summers.)I'm glad PG is off to a good start at school and you look SO skinny and beautiful in the picture from your B&B!

  3. this is just funny to me, I guess the time is off on my computer because it is most certainly not 5:43 am! Make that 7:45, which means I need off of here and to wake my son for preschool!

  4. I am so glad you had that time away together! You deserve it!