Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Break 2010 - Fri & Sat

Friday night was spent having corny dogs, s'mores, an inside camp-out and watching The Tale of Despereaux. Cracked me up when I found Miao in the tent all by himself all hunkered down in PandaGirl's blankets. She joined him for her milk and s'more.

Two peas.

I even brought in our lawn chair for better camp-out effect. I want to go camping so badly in a tent and the whole get up, but bugs, no snakes and an inside potty make me really go for the inside camp-out just fine.
I'll drink just about any kind of soda, soft drink, sodie-water (can you tell I'm a hick!! lol!)--we Texans do NOT drink "pop", but we try to stick with some kind of artificial sugar chemical kind of drink if possible. If not, we go straight for the hard stuff: Dr. Pepper. With a twist of lime if Tex-Mex food is involved. Ever since discovering Coke zero.....Diet Coke is GAGGY. Sorry, DC lovers. CZ is way more real Coke tasting without the sugar. I'm sure some toxic chemical makes it taste all better.

The CZ offset the fat and calories in the corny dogs (yes, that "y" is supposed to be there....I'm hick, remember) and s'more makings. Really.

The pic below is much sadder than our fake looking frowns reveal.

Our Mac crashed.


Macs don't crash. Hence one of the reasons we are Mac-Snobs.

It threw me a glitch and freaked me out Friday night. I prayed "healing" over the thing and by the grace of God it came back on. I instantly burned some pics to CDs that I had been procrastinating on.

Saturday.....bzzzzz....zig-zag......shzzhzhhhhzzzz....whole screen zig-zag...dots...more dots.....

Several attempts later to revive the thing with no pulse and we called for an ambulance.

Bye-bye pics and gobs of digi-scrap stuff that I just downloaded, Photoshop Elements 6, i*Tunes downloads and GOBS of music downloads, oh and all the saved Favorites from websites.

We were smart enough to back up some of that stuff, but a lot got thrown into silicon-never-land until we can retrieve from the hard-drive.

PandaPop took it to the Mac Doctor after the screen kept turning a bizarre pattern of red zig-zags. They did a quick free diagnosis to see what could possibly be the problem with the sweet baby.

Maybe a worm, dead video card or something else. Big mystery. (Macs are known for NOT getting worms and viruses) $700 fix.

No computer: no photography.
I'm not working: no money for a new Mac (or PC if I so chose to go that way) for awhile.

We can look a bit whimsical about it because at age 39 & 40....we can say we've lived a bit of life with some really terrible-no-good-things that have happened. Way worse than a computer crashing.

This too, shall pass.


  1. Your camp out looks really fun (and real) and I know 'cause I have actually camped with the bugs & dirt.

    I am SO sorry about your MAC! That totally stinks!

  2. Oooh, an indoor camp out!! I'm with you--that's the best kind!

    My husband loves REAL camping and can't wait to take our son when he is old enough. I can't wait to head to a spa for the weekend when they go! :-)

    So sorry about your computer!

  3. Your indoor camping looks like so much fun. I'm so sorry to read about your mac. Stink!! Double Stink!!!

  4. This is one of your funniest posts ever! The indoor camping looks like a great idea. I have to go real camping with the Boy Scouts this weekend. I'm still trying to figure out how I got myself in this awful position...I am SO not a camper. Wonder if they'd go for indoor camping if I promised them smores? Sorry about the death of your Mac; we love ours, too!

  5. What a fun campout....Climate controlled and plenty of favorite! Oh, and NO bugs... Those mosquitos show no mercy! What more could you want??? Perhaps a new computer...ugh!!!! So sorry.

  6. Awwww, I'm sorry about your Mac. You should try a DELL. Snicker, snicker...

    Your campout looks like a blast. I miss our fireplace so much. We used to toast marshmallows all the time!

    We had some playgroup buds visit last night. Missed you guys!!

  7. Looks like you had a fun 'camp-in'!

  8. No! No? Nooooooooooooooooo! I can't believe it!