Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break 2010 - Monday

Spring Break started off great last Friday with us doing some babysitting again for a little one that we adore, PP's parent's and sis came up for the afternoon to pick up some stuff we stored for them, PG went to a slumber party, we enjoyed the park and the Jeep on Saturday, nice Sunday afternoon with just us three hanging out.

Monday was a total treat when PandaGirl and I met up with this darling crew at a local mall that is in between the two of us where I purchased a Bamboo Fun Pad from her. I have a lot to learn on it, but it will be a great addition to my photography editing process. We girls loaded up on Starbucks, let the little ones color and do art at a coffee table and we moms pulled up two chairs to chat in beautiful natural light of the mall. This mom and I "met" through blogging over three years ago and met in person a short while after that, but haven't done anything since accept sporadic blogging. We are very much alike in personality and had a blast!! Be sure and check out her fun work here!!!


After we spent a couple of hours chatting with our new friends, we decided to have some "girl time" and check out a few mall things like the Disney Store. Total fun in there! We were going to forego the food-court, but that was a crazy idea---once you're there smelling all the goodies it's like your feet just migrate over to someone handing out a little piece of chicken on a toothpick and your suckered in! We opted for cheap Sonic---always a good choice. ; )

When we were leaving I was carrying my drink and holding PG's hand. We moved toward the escalator where, for whatever reason, I HAVE TO HOLD THE RAIL so I don't get vertigo and go tumbling down the thing. As we were walking I put my drink in the crook of my arm and asked PG to hand me her drink as well which I put in the hand of the same arm. When she did that I let go of her hand so I could grab the rail with my free hand JUST as we were stepping on.

Well, I say WE as if we were together.


PG panicked when I let go of her hand since I always hold it on an escalator and she was still standing at the top of the escalator while I'm flowing down with about 10 other people at this point all the while PG is yelling, "MOM--I'M NOT ON!! I'M NOT ON!!"

I'm now turned around backwards and I'm yelling, "OH MY GOSH WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!! GET ON!! OH MY WORD, I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING! SHE TOTALLY KNOWS HOW TO GET ON THE ESCALATOR!"......while all those people in between are giggling and giving knowing looks to the two goobers book-ending them.

I was laughing knowing she was OK, but in shock that she was up there and I was down here.

She got on and made it down and we just laughed in huge belly-laughs all the way to the car. Really fun and funny moment with my girl.


  1. I'm glad you are enjoying your spring break and that you had a laughable moment with the escalator. Emma is 11 and I still get nervous when we get separated on the escalator.

  2. We had so much fun meeting up with you and PG at the mall! I laugh to myself everytime I think of all the tangents our conversation took. Can't wait to do it again!!

  3. Sounds like you two have the BEST girls' days!! So fun! :-)

  4. I can just see that escalator thing! The same thing happened to my boy a few years ago--but on an ELEVATOR!! He was afraid to get on, I had my hands full and was distracted and the dad-gum door closed while he was hollering that he wasn't on yet. It was NOT as belly-laugh moment then, but it is hilarious now. I had to go down a floor and back up to get him. ugh!