Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break 2010 - Tues & Wed

PG and I visited my parents for a day. My old home is out in the country, but we drove even further into the country to meet up with my favorite aunt for a few hours. I have gobs of memories at this aunt's home with my cousins. This is the place where my tall, thin, easy-to-tan cousin who is five years older than me would oil up with some coconut scented tanning goop and brown like a goddess. I on the other hand would oil up, too only to turn red as a lobster and get more freckles. Good times. Actually, I really have many fabulous memories stored up from that cousin and this place.
The water was cold, but PG just HAD to get in so my aunt helped her get her little toes wet.
My aunt stores these chairs down by the creek on her land which is quite a walk from her house, but this time we had a new golf cart to carry us. That was so much fun, too! Her ginormous dog, Baron ran alongside us the whole way and then ventured off through the creek bed to the other side for some wonderful perusing through the woods.

My mom is on the left---we look alike! Aunt is sitting. Dog is moseying.
If you've never sat and just enjoyed the sound of fresh water running over the rocks.....let me just say that you really are missing one of God's most precious gifts. That sound is priceless.

While still hanging out with my mom I tried an experiment.

Look below----I thought I'd share a brilliant idea I had. Ahem.

My whole life until I was 25 years old (and cut my hair above my ears....bad idea...another story) I rolled my very long-to-my-waist hair with pink sponge rollers like the ones in the pic. I always put my hair in a high ponytail then rolled the ends up. When I slept I just moved the pony up and didn't have to mess with the rollers on my head.

No so much the same as what I tried two nights ago. My hair is naturally straight, but I use a flat iron at times to get it even straighter. I have many things I don't like about myself (I know---go back and read Beth Moore's insecurity book!! lol!!) like skin that won't tan, freckles, white eye-lashes and I could go for a nose job if someone sprang the money for me, but I DO have great, thick, bouncy hair that will do just about anything so I wanted to try some curls out with the length of locks that I have right now.

I thought I looked so cute in my rainbow rollers.

Then two hours after trying to sleep on ROCKS puncturing my skull I decided that straight hair was better anyway and I'd rather have sleep than curls. So around midnight I sat on the potty in the dark taking out my rainbow rollers.

I couldn't resist turning on the light and seeing if I looked like Goldilocks----sure enough I had a head full of bouncy curls from only two hours of a dry roll. So much so that I looked like Leo the Lion.

I went back to sleep.

On my soft pillow and my mane.


  1. You've had quite the week of adventures. What a fun spring break! I love the creek pictures. So beautiful. It's such a tranquil setting. My favorite picture though is the rainbow curler pic at the end of today's post!!! You are a brave woman! Love it!!!

  2. You're quite brave. I do that to my hair all the time and NEVER let anyone see it.

    And yes, it feels like rocks. Large hard rocks...

  3. I want to see the curly head. Guess you didn't have your camera there at midnight in the bathroom waiting. Love sitting by creeks and listening to the water. We get it every day in our front yard. The sound of the water going from one pond to the other is beautiful.

  4. You have absolutely no need for a nose job or a tan, silly girl. You are more precious than gold just the way you are.