Monday, March 1, 2010

These Small Hours Add Up - #1

1. My PandaPop Man

2. My polka dot rain boots

3. Jack Johnson's music

4. Hats

5. Beth Moore Bible Studies

6. Blogging

7. The hope of spring peeking around the corner

8. My church

9. My precious friends

10. Clean water

11. Shutter-Cal

12. The Cotton Crop Photography


  1. How sweet that hubby is #1 on the list. My hubby is #1 right now too. I'd be insane with our construction project if it weren't for him. I think you need to show off your polka dot rainboots soon. They sound adorable. I'm sooo over my winter boots. Come on SPRING!

  2. LOL. Kim (above) cracked me up! Bring on the flip-flop/cute sandal weather!

    I'm kind of sad that there a couple of things on that list that I know nothing about...