Tuesday, March 9, 2010

These Small Hours Add Up - #2

I renamed my series of posts called "I Heart..." that I began last week and will now be known as: "These Small Hours Add Up" to flow right along with my newfound love of Meet the Robinsons. You can read about that little revelation here.

Oh! To add to my post about said movie, we watched it again in the midst of me reveling in the song Little Wonders by Rob Thomas and I about spewed my lunch out when I saw the "Keep Moving Forward" motto pop up on the screen. I had honest-to-goodness forgotten about my post back in November after our whole messed up adoption ordeal that THAT was what PandaPop kept pumping into my brain: KEEP MOVING FORWARD. How could I have forgotten THAT?! Well, that just solidified in my mind that this particular movie had us written all over it for such a time as this.

So that's why "I Heart..." is now what it is----so I can chronicle all the little things in my life that I don't want to pass me by as anything less than a sheer blessing from the Lord.

And there will always be 12 things listed because that has always and forever been my favorite number. Smile.
1. Fabulously refreshing air filling my lungs on a walk today in the GORGEOUS 70 degree sunny weather. Not one single cloud in that clear blue Texas sky.

2. Strolling along the path to some great country music. LOVE country music. Certainly, I don't care for all the artists nor their ridiculous lyrics, but I am a country girl and will always love country music.

3. Excited about Spring Break activities.

4. Love making Southwest Minestrone Soup for my dinner exchange group.

5. My friend from my dinner exchange group got to go home to her man and her three boys finally after being in the hospital a long week from second time surgery for cancer.

6. Being led onto SparkPeople.

7. Reading So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore.

8. Safe trip to and from OK City over the weekend to celebrate PP's grandfather's 90th birthday.

9. Weight Watchers' Giant Latte Bar.

10. Getting two new magazines for the month in the mail with fresh spring things.

11. Prepping for summer activities for our church's Children's Ministry.

12. Writing devotional notes in my deerskin leather journal that PP handmade.


  1. Well, I HEART "These Small Hours Add Up" You are such an inspiration and help keep me positive even on the icky days ;)

  2. 12 has always been your favorite number? You MUST be an Aggie at heart! :p

  3. I hope you're curlws up with your fun new magazines this evening and thinking SPRING thoughts. Such a beautiful list. Hugs!!

  4. Hi there!

    This is Stephanie over at Wises3! I was trying to figure out how to contact you but so far am unable to do so! :) I wanted to write you about our girls...finally! :) I did get all of you comments and I think it is incredible! My email is: wisesthree@gmail.com Just zip me off an email when you have time and I will write you!


  5. SICK that I missed you skyping! I left my computer on while at school. Try again when you can!

    You are a MESS. I did laugh at the card. You NUT! I think I will have to delete it because I have many underage readers. :( But I did get a good laugh.

    Thanks for thinking about me. Kind of yucky days lately. Needed some JDHC-humor!

    Miss you tons! Loveyameanit!

  6. I just love you! I love how you take NOTHING for granted. I love your love for everything in life...even the harsh experiences where you can quiet your spirit enough to hear God's sweet, still voice. I heart you!!