Friday, January 8, 2010

Jack Frost is Nipping!

Jan 7
For all of us HOT blooded Texans to walk outside and breathe in ice is just too much! Please, all my northern friends, don't laugh at our balmy 15 degrees when I know that some of you are below zero, but remember that our bodies can adjust to 110 degrees easier than anything below 32!!! LOL!

PandaGirl happened to have pajama day at school today (yes, she is thriving quite well and I am enjoying not having to prepare constantly for homeschool!) so I made sure that she went in layers.

This cold reminds me to be so very grateful for the blessings of heaters, blankets, gloves, coats, shoes, socks, several clothes to layer, food, shelter, clean water and a refuge from the bitter weather. Many don't have these things.

Have a blessed weekend! ; )

Jan 8


  1. She looks so toasty! :-)
    I did your little Meme thing over at my blog! Thanks for asking me to join in the fun!

    Stay warm friend!

  2. Our kids had PJ day at school today too!!! I did feel sorry for some of the kiddos who have to walk to school!

  3. This must be a SHOCK to your system. I guess I'll take our MI cold versus your HEAT. Stay warm and cozy this weekend.

  4. I had to postpone Spicy Girl's bday party because of the cold!! How many times will a Texan say that? Anyway, gotta love pajama day!!

  5. Oh, and btw, our pipes are frozen. NO WATER!!

  6. I didn't realize that you were no longer homeschooling...where is she going now?

  7. Jack ain't nippin' no more...just sayin' :)