Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Some Happiness

Last night was my first night to cook for our dinner exchange group. There are four families and we rotate cooking/delivering every Tuesday and Thursday. I cook every other Tuesday. Last week was so awesome to have a clean kitchen and our meal delivered at 5:00 ready to eat for TWO different nights!! Then on Wednesdays, we eat at our church, so that's THREE days in a row off!! I love to cook and to be in my kitchen, but that was really fun!

I made a spicy King Ranch Chicken casserole, steamed sugar snap peas and homemade cake batter cookies. Seemed to be a hit even though I busted out with the Raviolios for my own little PandaGirl since it was TOO SPICY for her.

I figured I needed a happy brainless post after all the sappy, pity-party, all-about-our-troubles-posts that have plagued this blog so much in the last few weeks.

After I went to the World Vision button I have on my sidebar, reading all the horrid conditions for so many people around the world and getting the annual birthday card to send to the little girl we sponsor through WV who lives in Africa on our measly $35 a month, I just felt badly for moaning and groaning about me not getting my Haitian kid.

Who am I to keep on griping and whining about this?!!! GRRR! Makes me so made at myself! STOP the pendulum!

I am so blessed to have so much. Thank you, Lord Jehovah Jireh (My Provider).


  1. Your spicy king ranch chicken casserole sounds absolutely delicious. What a great idea to do a dinner exchange with other families. That sounds perfect after a long day. I hope the rest of your week is equally "happy"!!

  2. Give yourself a break. Sometimes it takes a little whining to snap you back to reality and help you love all the good things you do have.

    PS--I LOVE World Vision and we also have been sponsoring a little boy for a few years. I am running a half marathon in April to benefit World's in NYC. Here's my Team World Vision page

  3. I think your dinner exchange sounds awesome!

    Don't forget that you and your family have just experienced heartbreak and trauma. It takes time to sort everything out and it's okay for you to feel bad. Things will get better, but in their own time.

    Please tell us more about the dinners you swap; more about what you cook and what's delivered to you.

  4. I think spicy king ranch chicken sounds fabulous for dinner! Yum.

    I got your message on my blog. Thanks!