Thursday, January 28, 2010

Learning to Learn Again

I have had so much fun this week along with some serious frustration, too while learning Photoshop. I know there are GOBS of people out there who have perfected working in the various forms of PS and it's been around awhile, but I am just now learning.

I'm finding that I haven't really made myself learn something new in a long while. And my blonde brain doesn't work as well as it did in college! LOL!! Of course, last year when I went back to working full time as a speech therapist after being gone from the field for ten years caused me to have to learn (or re-learn) some things, but it wasn't for fun....just a paycheck. Now that I am totally doing my photography kick and learning as much as possible before putting my website "out there" with my name on it I want to REALLY understand what I'm doing therefore I must learn new things. LOTS of new things.

I am so grateful for the time and opportunity to learn something that I have been passionate about for YEARS and now it's really coming to fruition.

This pic above is just one of my first little pride and joy experiments. I always have to have my friend write "pandaleidoscope" on my pics because I have not had the software nor knowledge of how to do it.


I can assure you there is more fun to come as I venture into Photoshopville!


  1. Love the new blog header. Woo hoo on teaching yourself some photoshop. It's addicting but ooooooh so much fun!!

  2. Girl...the new photos ar FABulous! Love PG at the top! TOO cute!...and of course, you and PP are very photogenic...I never get pics like yours of the "King and I"...LOL.

    As for learning...keep at it! Can't wait to see what you do to spruce mine up when the times comes!

  3. You've done a GREAT job! Give yourself credit, too--PS is complicated! I didn't have the patience (nor the passion, probably) to stick to learning it!