Friday, January 29, 2010


I am going to be taking a short sabbatical from Pandaleidoscope.

I want to focus on learning more about my photography, gain a style of my own, get my business website worthy of being "out there", learn Photoshop really well and focus on changing my lifetime horrible eating habits to The Eat-Clean way of eating. Nothing profound or new, but I like Tosca Reno's style. She also made the change at 40.

Since I am turning 40 in September of this year and pretty much have wasted away my good health (for the sake of some sugar and crap-filled foods that scream my name daily!!!) I am making some changes in the way I view food and health.

I can't spend the time I need to on all those things and live in The Blogosphere, too (and Face**Book!). So----something has to give: Pandaleidoscope.

I'll be back, but I just need some focus time.

Thanks--all ten of you readers!! LOL!


  1. Looking forward to seeing what your style will be. I imagine it will be awsome with a little bit of quirky. :0) Love you!

  2. Hey! Why can't FB be the one to go?! Our country blocks it and we can only get on when we're lucky. :)

    Don't know about that diet. I'll have to do my own research. My mom told me that her Gathering has been doing the "Daniel Diet" and fasting. Starting the new year and new decade off right.

    You go girl!

  3. I have also been reading her book--she actually has a magazine that you can subscribe to. A girl I work out with has made a lot of her recipes in her cookbook (can you say "tofu") and I have to say, everything I have tasted has been totally delicious!! If you have a local health food store around you, a lot of times they will give healthy cooking classes for free--that's where my friend learned about her cookbook as well as some tips to cook with tofu (and other things she wasn't used to)

  4. I'll miss you here, but I'll try to keep up with you on FB. Can't wait to see your work. I know it will be GREAT! I love keeping up with PG too, so don't wait too long to post pictures of her.

  5. Tosca is awesome! She's a great inspiration! We'll miss you here, but I wish you all the best in your new endeavor's. See you back here when you return! ;)