Monday, January 25, 2010

Sweet & Sour Deals


PandaPop and PandaGirl had fun working together making SOUR candy from the activity that her Aunt got her for Christmas. It was really SOUR and fun to try. PG ended up not liking the end results. She thought it tasted like something "out of the toilet".


I asked her how she exactly knew what something out of the toilet would taste like. She didn't really give a definitive answer.

Things in my heart have been SWEET & SOUR the past week with all the Haiti talk going around. I said in a previous post how we are affected by all that adoption/Haiti talk all in the same conversation. Weird. I go from being completely content with us three to thinking "what ifs" when more and more people question us about looking into the orphans flooding (or soon to be) from Haiti.

What to do....what to do?

If I believed in "luck" I might just get out this sweet little charm (my friend made it during our journey to adopt from Haiti even before the twin thing happened. It is PG's name in Chinese on top of a map of Haiti. Too cool, huh?) to help things along, then I just forget it and KNOW that God is in control. He really, really is.

I don't have to PUSH.

The only sweet and sour things I like are Chinese foods and the only bitter-sweet thing I like is dark chocolate chips. Don't really care so much for the sweet & sour, bitter-sweet kind of living we're forced to move through, but then again that's what makes grace, mercy and blessings all the better. Like honey on my lips.


  1. Thinking of you and your sweet/sour moments. Hugs and prayers.

  2. It's tough to wait out God's timing, but you guys are so overflowing with love that I know God has plans for your life that you can't even imagine! It's going to be so inspirational to see God's plan unfold for you ;)