Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Current Meme -#2

Outside My Window: it looks cold, wintry with teeny drifting snowflakes.

I am thinking: about several heavy issues out of my control.

I am thankful for: the peace that comes knowing that when things are out of my control I can rest trusting God to be in total control.

From the kitchen: I smell the aroma of scrumdillyumptious cookie/brownie bars I made for dinner exchange---today is my delivery day.

I'm wearing: Grey Baylor hoodie, black shirt, black jeans, black Mary Jane-like shoes with rainbow striped socks

I'm creating: a logo for children's camp 2011.

I'm going: to deliver my meals later---fajitas, black beans, cookie/brownie bars.

I'm reading: Fearless by Max Lucado.

I'm hoping: for some specific plans to work out that would really bless my little family.

I'm hearing: Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson playing from my iTunes on our Mac.

Around the house: Miao is napping on my coat, on the bed. I see a few small piles of stuff that need a home. Quiet.

One of my favorite things right now: Photoshop CS4

A few plans for the week: continue digging into Esther Bible Study, working on photos, dreaming of spring weather.

A picture to share: flowers from Valentine's Day from PandaPop


  1. Hello friend! I am blogging again. Come check me out! Oh, I saw that you are doing the Esther study. I did that study last summer and it was AWESOME!!! Of course anything by Beth is great.
    Love ya, Adele