Friday, February 19, 2010

Sweet Destiny

I have been going through this Bible study on the Book of Esther by Beth Moore on my own. Last year when I was working full-time I started it, but gave up after the first week because of my own lack of ability to do it along with all my other responsibilities at the time. However, God's timing is always perfect and I need this study more now than I did last year.

My mind is boggled at how incredibly insightful Beth is. I know God gives her wisdom and she is the absolute first to say she is unworthy of any glory and God is the giver of all she speaks. She is a humble and gifted teacher and speaker.

I adore her!!

She is one of my all time favorite people. I try not to put her on a pedestal because she is human and not perfect. Not only do I crave her teaching style I just flat out adore her quirky personality and I enjoy her so much. I personally know some friends who don't like her at all. That completely dumb-founds me. The woman's testimony and teaching are amazing. In several ways she reminds me I feel at home with her. Probably along with several thousand other women who feel the same way! LOL!

I've met her in person when we lived outside of Houston and I attended the Tuesday night Bible study of John, The Beloved Disciple. One of THE best experiences of my life!!! She has prayed over me and I have a darling pic of the two of us together. She wouldn't know me from Eve, but I know her. And I adore her.

If you've never done one of her many studies you are truly missing out on phenomenal teaching. Life-changing teaching. And some funny laughs, too! She is the genuine article and I hope to rise to the fullness of my own destiny as she has done in her life.

A life of complete and full abandon to Jesus.


  1. As much as I look forward to church on Sunday, it isn't enough. Most of that 75 minutes is spent wrestling with Josie and I walk away from our church service wondering how much I actually retained from the message and this week's scripture. This needs to be a priority in my life again. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Remember asking if you can send it to me? You can. If you're still planning a package, that is.

    It boggles my mind how people can not love her...or even like her. I guess I'm just not that opinionated.

    Love my new blog look...thanks! My kids are growing up!
    Sorry I missed your call...was in tutoring. When can you chat?

  3. I love her too! I have done a couple of her studies, but I have been hearing a lot about this Esther one. Are you just reading a book or does it have a companion DVD or something with it? Just wondering. It will be next on my list when I am done with Crazy Love that I just bought...cause all the stuff you recommend is awesome (like Plumsweets ;))

  4. hmmm..I'll have to check this study out! Thanks for posting!