Thursday, February 11, 2010

Texas Snow Day 2010--Part TWO

About an hour after we came inside from making our PandaSnowFamily I peeked out and saw PandaSnowPop leaning over to PandaSnowMom!! Soooooo cute!!!

The pic below actually looks like us! LOL!!
Me getting the fresh snow right off the Jeep for our ice cream.
PandaGirl getting ready to make the stuff!
This would be her own fun 7 year old style concoction with food coloring.
We love watching cooking shows on the Food Network and had just finished watching the darling petite, skinny, Italian cook, Giada make something delightful so PG was imitating her style with the snow with step by step intructions! So cute!
Here is the real deal! We had to tint it blue for the cold effect. It was much more fun to make than to eat. Very gritty with sugar and our Watkins vanilla was way to strong. Still was cute! PP made a "cake-in-a-cup" in the microwave to go along with it.
Miao lounging around in the warm living room.
We have gotten at least six inches and it's STILL coming down nice and THICK at 3:40PM!
It is just so hard to capture on camera how thick it really is!
PandaPop was in his Jeep popping the top to get rid of the heavy weight bearing down on the rag top and I snapped the popping snow in action.
On of my dear friends in my dinner exchange group went ahead and kept her delivery date and brought us our food for tonight! So fun and she looks sooo darling!
To top it all off......she brought these yummy and very Valentine-y cupcakes! What a treat!!


  1. can I tell you how jealous I am of your dinner group?!? I want one of those!!!

  2. I'm soooooo jealous! We have only had COLD rain :(

  3. How awesome! We watched it snow for about 12 hours here and the kids had a ball playing in it. Jenni came in the second time with near frost bit hands and I had to keep the panic out of my voice b/c it freeked her out! I managed to run cool water over her hands then turn it warmer a little at a time. Even cool water felt hot to her, poor baby. Then she got in the tub! All better! I didn't get pics of them b/c they were in the back yard. They built a snowman but then knocked it over b/4 I could get a picture. Bummer! I am sure it wasn't as cute as your cute three. So glad you guys are feeling better!

  4. Your snow family is ADORABLE!!! You have some really great pics!!

  5. Could your snow couple be any cuter? You take such great shots. Looks like a fabulous day. Those cupcakes make me want to find something sweet for breakfast. Yummy!!!

    Have a super special weekend!

  6. I have to tell you, that after the week I had last week, I was terribly jealous of your snow. Your pictures are just beautiful and magical. I would have loved being there for that!! We got rain. 13 inches of snow up there...and rain here. I think I'm over my jealousy now. Come see my blog. I wrote a tasteful retraction. Love you!!