Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Happy Chinese New Year
~Year of the Tiger~

Cracks me up that all of us families with children from China love celebrating CNY and play up the whole "year of the...." experience, but to truth be told---I would NEVER celebrate any kind of astrology ANYTHING and that's all that the "year of the..." is! LOL We just think it's one way to be excited along with PandaGirl about her birth country. There's not much else to be positive for her concerning that country when issues come up about the mistreatment of the people there and how it is not all wonderful like Mulan and Kung Fu Panda portray. So, we will celebrate today The Year of the Tiger!....just for fun.

I took these pics right before Christmas to play with some camera settings and lighting outside. I learn so much every time I take pics and edit them. This photography venture gives me a rush and I love it, but I have soooo very much to learn!


  1. Oh my goodness! I love those pictures. The colors, the lighting and your daughter just come together so beautifully. We held a New Year party last night and I just updated the blog. Your blog the was the first one I had to visit this morning before church. Your pictures never disappoint. Happy CNY!

  2. Beautiful pic's! Happy CNY!! :)

  3. Those pictures are awesome! You definitely have natural talent with the camera! Happy CNY (in my neck of the woods, those initials stand for "Central New York" but whatever fits -- heehee ;))

  4. OMW......the second shot is STUNNING.....what are you doing with your photography? Where are you learning, what kind of camera do you have and what are you editing them in??? Tell me, tell me, tell me! lol ;)

  5. Un.Be.Liev.Able.

    Friend, you found it. You found your sweet spot! You are truly gifted!

    I can't believe these pictures and I know you are still learning. Keep it up. It's awesome.

  6. AWESOME pics!!!

    Funny, I was thinking about the whole "year of the....." recently and how we talk about our daughter being the year of the rat and yet I would NEVER say "I'm a Gemini!" I totally get what you are saying.