Sunday, February 21, 2010

Let's Talk About the Girls

Will I get in trouble for this post? I don't know. With whom would I be in trouble? I don't know that either. What I do know is that I don't normally post about such private matters. Well, this issue isn't so private for some, I guess.

I live in the very busy, worldly metropolitan area of North Texas. Dallas/Ft. Worth, for those of you not familiar with Texas lingo. We call it The Metroplex 'round these here parts. While living in Ft. Worth we got the feel of being in a wonderful large city that was hip and trendy while keeping the roots and "feel" of being a good ol' country boy, albeit large, Texas town.

Dallas, on the other hand, is a whole different animal. Arlington and several other cities come between these two metro areas and the shift from Cowtown and The Stockyards is mighty different once you enter "Dallas". For anyone who only has a vision of Dallas as the TV show represented in the 80's of Southfork Ranch then know that Dallas is NOTHING like that. Driving through Dallas on I-35 will allow the driver the opportunity to see several advertisements inviting all passersby to attend not one, but MANY "Gentlemen's Clubs".

There are MANY billboards luring men (and I guess some women, too) to come on in for "no cover charge" or for some "Eggs & Legs" or "always free lunch buffet". Pictured on these billboards are images of young women with sultry, seductive eyes and pouty lips. Let's not forget the squished together, pushed up boob*ies.

And here is where my post goes where it hasn't gone before.

I was driving yesterday through a one mile area where I literally saw three different billboards with ads luring takers into their webs. I've seen these lots of times, but for some reason my eye got stuck on the word "topless".

Please. Someone please help me understand the lure in this. OK--at first glimpse I can see why males (or females) would be all hot and bothered by some boob*ies just OUT THERE for all to see. I can see why the man with some "needs" (puh-leeze) would be happy gawking at breastages (yes, that's a real word....coined by someone close to me. HA!) all around him.

For awhile.

Then, here's my question for the "gentleman" (termed used so loosely that my bowels are tighter while having the squirts): doesn't it get old to be sitting there sipping his beer (I'm quite sure he didn't go in for a Dr. Pepper) trying to eat his "free" 85oz. steak and taters and those boob*ies are just RIGHT THERE? I mean, do the waitresses have long hair that cover "the girls" up to be sneaky or are they just jigglin' away while she toplessly balances her tray? I wonder if they are "cold" all night long? Do they get less tips for their headlights being off?

Maybe I have it ALL wrong since I have never been to a topless bar.

Please forgive my ignorance.

I am fully aware that males tend to adore looking at boob*ies and could do it much longer than their female counterparts. As Joey from "Friends" so aptly put it one time when talking to Rachel, "You just get to look down anytime you want and look at them!"

Wow. What a treat.

In all seriousness (if I possibly could be), my heart breaks for those topless waitresses or the ones dancing around poles and the gentlemen who need to be there. I just want to speak words of life to those precious creations of God that He made them and they have value. More value than a free lunch buffet could ever offer.

I make fun of the ridiculous-ness of the signage. I hurt for the ones seeking value in something other than God. I pray for my Man as well as for other men who are forced to either FORCE themselves to not look or they look and start the thoughts rolling. It is a battlefield.

Ouch. Do I seek value in something besides God, too?

Yeah. Pretty sure I do.

Give me your thoughts in the comments.

Be nice, though.

My girls are sensitive. ; )


  1. I could probably eat a steak and taters while watching boob*ies shake and jiggle all around me, it's the other exposed "bits" that would probably make me lose my appetite. It really is a sad indicator of our society that we have to drive past the billboards inviting us to come have a look and that it's all so commonplace. We really need strong moms and dads to teach their girls to keep their privates private and to raise sons to have more respect for women that they don't have to oogle naked women.

  2. Jana, this post is so true. My heart breaks for these women as well. I attended a conference in Waco last semester for one of my classes and I fell in love with the organization Jesus Said Love. ( It was started by a couple in Waco who felt the same way as you do. Their team goes to strip clubs in Waco (The men sit outside and minister to the bouncers) and build relationships with the women in the clubs. They truly show the love of Christ to these women. I read on their monthly email that they just started a new group in Dallas now too. They also have a ministry for truckers too.

    It breaks my heart as well because these women are mothers, daughters, aunts, sisters, and yes even wives! They are hurting and men don't even care about them. Goodness it breaks my heart. Thanks for posting!

  3. Lyndsey put it so nicely...these women are mothers, aunts, sister and wives. I can't imagine how they feel going to work each day. H**ter's restaurant will never get our business and that's tame in comparison to the types of restaurants you mention. Maybe it's better that I live in a very conservative part of our state and I don't have to explain those billboards to my daughters quite yet.

    I am moving to that area this summer and I didn't think about the fact that I would have to explain those boards to my little girl. Thanks for the heads up! Breaks my heart. Those women must be hurting so bad to do those things to themselves. It is good to know there are ministries out there that are reaching out to them. This post truly is an eye opener. Thank you-
    (Gina's friend from Nac)

  5. I am visiting from Nia Hao Nepal....check in on you once in awhile..FUNNY post but oh so sobering...
    I work at our local Pregnancy Care Center....weekly I talk with girls who value themselves so little. It is so sad and I feel for the girls letting it all hang out and for the guys taking it all in....
    I too live outside of the metroplex and spend a lot of time there for Hudson's many dr. appt.s and therapies...

  6. Yes, I do know of my dearest friends....LOVE your pictures!!!

  7. It used to bug the heck out of me during my commute from Coppell to the Oak Lawn area of Dallas, which has its own issues. There are so many clubs lining 35E. I always hated driving into Texas on 35 from Oklahoma where the first thing to greet you after you crossed the Red River was a "gentleman's club." In a state as big and with so much to offer, the first thing we have to see is s strip club? Really? I live in the "liberal mecca" that is Oregon now. It's in quotes because the liberal is only in a few high density areas. Otherwise, this is a pretty conservative state and love not being treated to boobie billboards every time I drive somewhere.

  8. Yes, dear one...this is one of your cutest and truest of writings. It is really pitiful that the whole media scene seems to radiate with nothing but 'wrong' goals, guidelines, & values for all 'women'. Wrong, meaning...results that bring more sorrow than happiness. Our little girls are given idols ...who do not 'value' themselves to be above the trash and litter of the streets---and make it look so inviting, enticing and beautiful.
    Guys live by the eyes...and girls by the thighs, I once heard and today have to say it certainly fits the 'mode of the day'. Tis sad...but thanks for 'the walk of wisdom and wit'...great blog.