Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ohhh, Just Call Me Weak!

I just couldn't stay away from this blog!

I love blogging.

I have no idea when it will ever stop or if it will ever stop. I do remember the days when over 100 people a day would read it or at least stop by. Why? Maybe because blogging and Face*Booking and Twit**tering weren't really popular when I first started this crazy thing and now most everyone who is cyber savvy has no time for reading about me. Go figure. LOL!

However, there is just some unexplained draw to write about real, mundane, funny, sad, spiritual, thought-provoking or mindless stuff for others to see....or not. I hate to think of it in Narcissistic terms because I don't ever want to be thought of as prideful, but really all of this social networking and posting about ourselves is just that: all about us. Not all about ME, but US. So we live in a more cyber focused age than ever before and as long as one keeps in the real world and has real relationships with people who have skin that is within reaching distance then I think all the cyber world is FUN. Just by not partaking in the techno-punch doesn't mean that life won't continue on, leaving behind anyone who doesn't choose to keep up.

There is already sooooooo very much that this blonde brain has NO CLUE about, technologically speaking, that is. But I can keep up with what I like to and one of those small things I can do is blog.

Over the past couple of weeks since I said I was going on a blog sabbatical we have spun a few circles.

*I took some great pics at another baby photo shoot of a four month old
*Learned how to put my logo on my photos as a watermark
*Taught myself how to tweak photos in Photo*shop (still TONS to learn!!!)
*Started Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and am a table leader
*Got into full swing of my dinner exchange group
*Took pictures at a Daddy/Daughter event at our church
*Celebrated SIX years with PandaGirl on her Gotcha Day-Feb. 2nd
*Watched the FINAL season opener of LOST with friends!!
*Had a blast babysitting an adorable little toddler (TWICE!) for a friend whose college age daughter was in a terrible head-on car wreck (anyone who knows me, knows that babysitting is NOT my thing!!lol!!!)
*Endured strep throat along with PandaPop
*Rearranged our living room furniture
*Picked up two different friends kids from school a few times
*Been amazed at Beth Moore's Esther Bible Study
*Continuing to watch God do something in our life that is JOYful, but not sure how the outcome will be. I know one thing: no matter what.....we will still have His JOY.

The darling picture above is a shirt I bought for the little one that stayed with us a few days. It looks like her and makes me smile, too. The pic below is what we got to enjoy on Super Bowl Sunday while dreaming of buffalo wings, chips & queso and some Dr. Pepper.

Can't wait to see what the next amazingly wonderful and profound post will be about!


  1. You've been busy and I've missed you. Glad to have you back. Happy belated 6th anniversary with Pandagirl!!!

  2. I'm with you, I can't stay away from blogging :)

  3. Holy Moly, Girl--you haven't been gone that long to have done all that ;) I kind of think of the cyber-social thing as a way to connect to people I wouldn't connect to otherwise (getting involved in people's lives in a little way, and letting them see in to mine) rather than thinking about it being so selfish. Probably everybody has their own reasons for networking, but for me, it's definitely to connect.

    PS--I love Dave Ramsey! I took, then led the class at my church a couple of times. He reminds of me of Dr. Phil for money ;)

  4. I knew you wouldn't let me down and that there was a reason I kept checking back. =)

  5. I still keep up with your blog. Glad the family is feeling better.

  6. Love that photo of PG in your header! I did the Esther study the first semester she released it...LOVED IT! When will you be ready to photograph two crazy little girls? :-)