Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Date with Destiny

I know that I only have one child to get ready for school in the mornings, but there are many days that PG can hear me saying multiple times,

"Hurry up! We're running late!!"

I have no idea where the time goes really.

First things first, though, and I ALWAYS brush my teeth, wash my face and put on a base coat of waterproof mascara. Is your face twitched up a bit at that mascara reference? Well, I have done that forever. I have white, and I do mean, whitey-white-blonde eyelashes that make me look like a different person entirely than I do with mascara caked on. This morning for some reason I pushed off my normal morning routine thinking I'd just do it as soon PandaPop took PG to school.

Destiny had a different plan yesterday. PP decided on a whim that I needed to hop in the car, too and that he'd take me to a surprise breakfast.

Awe, how sweet!


Furry teeth.

No deodorant.

Unbrushed hair.



"SURE! I'd love to go!! Can I at least brush my teeth first and throw on a ball cap (and slap on some mascara) even though we are pushing the long hand even closer to a tardy slip?"

Great. Good man.

We ended up having a great time of conversation over his African Red Bush hot tea and my Caramel Brulee' Latte. I had a list of things. All about me, of course.

Who am I now and what am I supposed to be?

We talked shop about me.

I adore talking with PP. He rocks my world. Perfect sounding board for my random thoughts that I like to verbalize.

Using the word "destiny" is like saying I believe in fate or serendipity (Serendipity is one of my MOST favorite chick flicks of all time!!). Nah. I do believe that God has a plan. For me. He created me and knows me better than I know myself.

PP gave me a license to figure out just who that girl is.

Bless him.

Turning 40 in September 2010.

I just enrolled in PandaMom 101.

Let's see if I can get an A+ according to the true Professor.


  1. Love this post! Fuzzy teeth-ha-perfect description! Yesterday I went almost all day without brusing my teeth or washing my face! And OF COURSE someone rang my doorbell! Lesson re-learned!
    Let's look at your new adventure as exciting! The world is your's! Go fot it! (Do you like how I said "Let's"?? I feel like you are my new goodest friend! :-))

  2. Oh I will be with you on the 40 in September. What a year that will be eh?

  3. 40 is SOOOO cool. I'm testin' it out for ya (turned in April 2009). PS--I have a wallet in the same black/white polka dot pattern with the SAME font, lime green "J" embroidered on it. I swear, Girl, we are meant to be friends ;)

  4. A few weeks ago I accidentally went to work with no mascara on! I haven't ever made such a mistake and only realized it a few hours into the workday! (I'd been up all night with a sick baby, so that's my excuse for forgetting something so important!) :)

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