Monday, December 14, 2009

Off Broadway

What a weekend!

PandaGirl's strep throat must have been caught early enough that she really didn't get to the bad stage at all. Whew. Made it through her Thursday night dress rehearsal a bit weakly, but made it none the less.

She was, of course, THE cutest gift package I've ever seen!! I decided to go with blue wrapping paper even though I'm a RED girl and she's a RAINBOW girl, because I figured everyone would go with red, green and gold. Good call PandaMom! Look at my sweet little gift showing up so cutely smack in the middle of all those Christmas colors in the full group shot below!! ; ) Not arrogant, just smart stage show thinking. Smile.

Our music minister asked if I would take pictures with my good camera during the dress rehearsal on Thursday. I took a lot of great shots, but I missed the finale so I was able to snap this one last night. Our church choir, orchestra, dancers, actors, backstage crew, sound crew, lights, all of them were so fabulous and very effectively relayed the message of CHRISTmas!! Love my church family.
Me and my awesome friend!! We connected a couple of years ago for a very serious reason. We both graduated high school in 1989!!! That one one fact opened up the door to a wonderfully fun friendship. If you look back in the group shot you'll see her green-garbed-self on top of a huge rolling platform. Great job, C!
My parents came to see PG in her little blue gift ensemble and had fun helping with making some Christmas goodies in the kitchen. Oh, and we had to go out for BBQ, too. That IS what we Texans do, ya know.

Lots more fun Christmas pics to come!


  1. awesome! Hope you had some fabulous bbq!

  2. Darling pictures. I just love PG dressed up in her sparkly blue wrapping paper. She's just too cute.