Friday, December 11, 2009

Some TLC, Please

PandaGirl came home Tuesday with strep throat. Woohoo. Got her on meds fast enough that she didn't get to the miserable part.

That really was a blessing.

This weekend she will be a gift package in our church's Christmas musical. She had to miss one of the rehearsals, but made it to the dress rehearsal last night. So cute!!
Love this darling pic of PG!!

I do wish that the reflection of my super skinny leg in the ornament was not just an optical illusion. I think the last time my thigh was THAT skinny was around age...oh, let's saaaayy, two years old.

A girl can dream.


  1. Here's to hoping for super speedy recovery for PG. Love the skinny leg reference. You're too funny and that is an adorable shot. Hugs!

  2. Hope PG gets better fast! We have 2 of that exact same same lap desk--one blue, one red!

  3.'re too funny. Great pic's and I'm glad PG is feeling better and that you caught it before it go too bad!