Monday, December 28, 2009

Great JOY-Part 3 of 3

PandaGirl's grandparents had to leave at lunchtime so we helped them pack up to get on the road while PG had fun with the snow (and I guess I was having fun with the camera while they were loading! lol!). She got this cute fluffy, furry white vest that went perfect with the snow on the ground. Can't wait to snap some black and white pics of her in this vest!
PP's parents and sister. We had all gotten ready for the day and PP didn't because he thought we (me & PG) were staying in PJs so that's why he doesn't look "ready".....because he isn't!

PG is still on a Littlest Petshop kick so she got a few for gifts and we found the Monopoly LPS version that we LOVE!! You get to use whatever pet you desire from her collection. This night I was the black cat, last night I was the way cute little lamb. PandaGirl KICKED MY TAIL TWICE!!! PP wasn't too far behind her! I was down and out, almost broke, but those two were land, pet carrier and doggie house tycoons! Fun that PG is old enough to be able to play a real game! Yay!
After our two rounds of the game we have discovered that in order to play LPS Monopoly we MUST include the indulgences of eating NeRds! New tradition. (This pack was in PP's stocking, but I confiscated them!)
In 2004 we started a tradition of making Chinese food at home for just us three. The past few years we have eaten out at Chinese restaurants for Christmas which is great, too, but this year we got to do it again just like our first time. Us three, at home, our Chinese dishes and home made (well, frozen!!) Chinese food. Good memories of the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!

Now this week we still get to look forward to celebrating with my parents!! ; )


  1. poor PP - I think that man is "ready" for anything!!:-)

  2. Darling pics. I love the Chinese food tradition. I might have to steal that one. Hugs!!

  3. That pic of PG is wonderful!!!! Frame it! She is so photogenic it is unreal! I love all the fun things you show us. We love games here, too!

  4. i am so, so thankful God brought you so much joy this Christmas season!! you so deserve it!! perfect gift from a loving God.