Thursday, December 3, 2009

So Leaves Don't JUST Turn Brown & Fall Off?

In Texas, the season of fall consists of Friday night high school football games (though I haven't been to one in many, many years!!), the fair, some popcorn balls, maybe a caramel apple or two and all the leaves on the trees turning brown and falling off.

This year, however since we had a lot of rain and we have yet to have a hard freeze which normally kills all living things left outside--because the day prior to a freeze would have been 93 degrees--our trees are absolutely STUNNING with gorgeous colors!!

I thought I was going crazy trying to remember ANY time in my life that I have seen this kind of artistic display on the foliage, but then we all started to put two & two together and realized that if the plants don't FREEZE in late October plus they have had lots of water then the outcome is beautiful leaves in fiery red, golden yellow, mahogany and blazing orange set against brilliant greens! Since we aren't really used to this color show at all, I HAD to take pictures to remember how mesmerized I've been every time I drive somewhere looking at the trees lining the streets. I know many of you live in areas that have fall foliage that is breathtaking every year, but we do not, so I have soaked in these gorgeous colors!!

I did not adjust these pictures in any way. They really are even more brilliant in color in real life. What a blessing to behold God's paintbrush.


  1. Your trees are just stunning. Our trees are currently covered in 12 inches of SNOW! It happened last night. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. HI! I just read your comments on my blog! I agree with you! We need to visit! I think we certainly have lots in common - probably why I LOVE reading your blog! :-) Would you like to meet for lunch soon? I actually live within about an hour of you I think! Email me and we can exchange information and get a plan! Here is my email Email me when you can!

  3. So glad you all have gotten to enjoy the beauty of fall! I live in the northeast, so we have dramatic falls every year. But, I lived in Texas for many years, so I know what you're used to! :-)

    I'm definitely sorry to hear you're not homeschooling anymore because I loved that blog, but I think it's admirable that you've realized where your daughter fits best. Homeschooling is a wonderful thing, but it's definitely not for every family! :-)

    And I still enjoy this blog very much!! :-)