Thursday, December 17, 2009

Two Peas

PandaGirl is so blessed to have two little girls from China at our church. One is a year younger than her and the other is a year older. This is the older one whom PG likes to scheme with every single Sunday after church. Both of them contrive plans as to which house they are going to get to go to for the afternoon until choir time comes around that evening. They are disappointed when one of us moms has to say the dreaded "no" to their heartfelt plans, but there are also many days that we say "yes" and there are squeals of delight echoing the halls of our church.

It's good to have kindred spirit friends.


  1. What a joy. I wish S.G. had someone like that here. We have just moved around too much lately. Hopefully we'll be in a state of steadiness for a while (school/church) so she can find a "kindred spirit" here.

    Love you guys. I'm wondering if you'll be in a nearby town any time during the holidays. I'd be willing to drive up there for a mall or Chic-fil-a visit.

    Love you guys! Merry, Merry...and I do say MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!