Thursday, August 26, 2010

Made Only From Scratch


PandaGirl has been begging me to "make something from scratch...ya know, without any box or anything".


Finally, after her first day of 2nd grade on Monday I pulled out a cookbook and we made--from scratch--chocolate crinkle cookies.

So not hard.

Just a little effort.

We had a blast and the cookies were great! I love these anyway, because my mother-in-law always makes them every Christmas along with a whole slew of other delectables.

Instead of gorging on all of the cookies we made, we kept a few and sent the rest to one of our neighbors who brought me yummy mashed potatoes and gravy from Boston Market when I had my tonsils out. We wanted to bless them back!


  1. YUM! I skipped breakfast to run to work this morning. I'm proud of you for sharing your cookies. That would be hard to do.

  2. You really rock!

    Cooking skills.

    Serving others.


    Great memories.

    Girl bonding time! The list could go on!

    Awesome. love ya!

  3. Good for you, keeping just a few! Thought about you when I was reading the Chapman book at Borders today--blessings on you three!

  4. They were super yummy!!! Thanks much girl! and I think I'll need to run out and buy the Chapman book for sure!