Friday, August 27, 2010

These Small Hours...


::PandaGirl looking so cute with her summer tan and perfect legs (which you can't really see) while getting in some last-days-of-summer Disney Channel addictions.

::PandaPop and his summer addiction: Scrabble

::Robust and healthy. Looks so great on my island.

::Fresh strawberries so ripe and yummy!

::First day of 2nd grade

::Ahem...THE best water in the world, of course. The small print says "bottled in Croatia at the SAINT JANA natural spring". It might as well be labeled St. PandaMom.

::This book changed my heart. I am choosing to SEE things differently in my precious PG.

::Yummy, yummo, yay fall-is-coming-house-sprays!!! I know they only cover up smell and last only a few minutes, but for an exhilarating moment I am transported to a pumpkin patch with brightly colored fall leaves floating around me in the cool temperatures while I bask in the glory of my head.

::My D-A-R-L-I-N-G new keychain that makes me smile real big. She looks just like my girl. ; )

Have a great weekend looking for and enjoying the small hours all around you!!!


  1. I love that keychain!!! Where did you get it?

  2. I.LOVE.FALL!!!! Have my pumpkin pie sentsy ready to go!!!

  3. Yep. You did it again. You made me envious.

    I can't get that book on Kindle, yet. I checked. But I'll keep checking.

    Enjoy Fall for me...not the same here.

    Birthday greetings are on the way...

  4. I have been spraying some of my favorite scents on something in the room and it seems to last a lot longer than just puffing it in to the a hand towel or dish clothing or something.