Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Around Here...

Outside my window…It's so dang HOT, but not as hot as it has been. I think today is only 102 degrees.

I am thinking…why it is so hard for me to get motivated to do some things around here. Maybe being on the couch for almost two weeks recovering from the tonsillectomy has made me a little lethargic? apathetic? lazy?

I am thankful for…all the prayers that went up for me and my easy-as-could-be recovery.

From the kitchen…I see a well stocked pantry from going to the store this morning for the first time in three weeks.

I am wearing…khaki shorts, brown henley and my Yellow Box brown cow flip flops.

I am creating… a tablescape for a women's luncheon at our church for this Saturday. LOVE to do that kind of creating!!!

I am going…to get it together and DO the things I need to do around this house!!!

I am reading…the same stinkin' book I started at the beginning of summer: Her Mother's Hope by Francine Rivers, Girl Talk by Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole Mahaney Whitacre, lots of blogs.

I am hoping…for a great time in the next few days when PandaJoy gets to come for a visit! We haven't seen her all summer and all three of us are so ready to see how much she has grown!

I am hearing…PandaGirl watching "Game Day" in the living room. All the TV Mind Mush stops in a few days for her. Yikes.

Around the house…Several projects I want to get done, but I just keep seeing little piles of "you need to get on this".

One of my favorite things… staring at the amazing photography work of a gal I stumbled across who is EXACTLY my style of photography yet she has it perfected and has the right equipment to do it all. Longing to be like her when I grow up! lol!!

A few plans for the rest of the week…clean, drop off PG's school supplies at her school, laundry, play with PandaJoy and finish up summer 2010. OH! and celebrating my 18th wedding anniversary this Sunday!!!

A picture to share…(Yes, you'll recognize the place as Bath & Body Works and yes, I did state on here that wouldn't ever go back in there. Well, my sister-in-law visited and I went in with her and PG and I had a ton of fun gunking on gobs of their ooey-gooey lipgloss. Totally worth it to play with my girl).


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  1. Cute new blog banner. A certain package made its way to the post office yesterday...wink wink. Have a great rest of the week. Sounds like you have lots of wonderful things to look forward to. Be sure to snap lots of pics. Happy 18th!