Monday, August 23, 2010

1st Day 2nd Grade


I'm not quite sure why, but PandaGirl has said all summer how she did NOT want to go back to school. I always LOVED it when school started and couldn't WAIT!! Very excited about all the new school supplies, seeing friends, new things coming: teacher, room, books, etc.

She could care less. Hmph.

Of course, what kid would rather do work than play, but come on, a little bit of excitement would be nice? We're thinking she was just nervous for whatever reason. Some of the other parents said their 2nd grader was nervous, too. Maybe I was nervous entering Mrs. Whitner's second grade class back in 1978, but I sure don't remember it.

Once PG saw her friend who came running up to her and gave her a huge bear-hug I could tell her little 1/2 ponytail was swinging just a bit higher. Good.

We are super pumped about her teacher and can't wait to see the exciting things happen with Ms. Z.

She specifically asked for a backpack with wheels and a handle. I thought she looked like a airline attendant at the airport. She didn't think my humor was funny this morning. I'm sure there was too much on her mind to laugh at such a time as this. Wink.

I have a similar picture from last year of she and PandaPop crossing the street in the morning sun. Sweet memories made right then and there.

Here's to a great 2nd grade year!


  1. Her outfit is simply adorable. I hope today was a super first day of 2nd grade. Best wishes with all those fun new transitions. I'm dreading...seriously dreading...the start of Emma in Junior High.

  2. I too loved school-- how could you not love all those exciting new school supplies?? But maybe her not wanting to start meant that she had such a great summer with you that she didn't want it to end. :)