Wednesday, August 4, 2010



::First, update on my tonsillectomy.....I am doing great!! A bit of nausea until all the anesthesia is out (which should be all out today!!) and with the pain meds. I know that come Sunday this will be a whole new ballgame because the nastified scabs have to come off causing more pain than I have had so far, but I have really good meds. I've only thrown up four times and hopefully that is over...not sure. ; )

Honestly, I have had bouts of strep that have been far worse than this. Granted, I didn't have narcotics running through my veins for those cases either.

Thanks for your prayers, but please keep them coming for full recovery!

::NOGs.....The pictures speak for themselves. A study on Ruth. Girls gathering to gab. Food involved. Enough said.

The red shoes play in because of the cover of the book and a reference to Dorothy and Oz and how, as Ruth found her true home, we as Believers in Jesus Christ have a True Home awaiting us. On Monday we all went out with our tootsies covered in scarlet and all our shoes seemed to fit our personalities. Funny. We dined at Red Robin....well, because it had the word Red in it. Nothing hyper-spritual in that decision.

If you start to think, "Ohhhh, I wish I had a group like that!" Then make one yourself. Two years ago I had only known these girls for a year, got the first No Other Gods Bible Study, decided to meet seven Tuesdays of the summer in my living room and whoever could come, could. Of course, now I have more friends who I'd never want to "leave out", but the intimacy of the group gelled two years ago and we stuck with it. Go out and just do it! ; )



  1. I'm so relieved to read that your recovery is going as well as it can. Having that procedure as an adult can be pretty nasty. How fantastic that you have such a wonderful group of ladies to share bible study with. That shoe collage ROCKS!

  2. SOO glad you are doing well...we've been praying!

    Love the red shoes!! Want me some! :)

  3. Love,love,love the red shoes photo!! Knew you would do great with surgery. You are one Strong Sistah!! Love you