Sunday, May 30, 2010

Country Lemon

::click on photo to enlarge::

PandaGirl was so excited to discover this darling hat in the $1 section at Tar*get a few days ago. We bought hot pink and black, too. There are more posts coming with those pics, but OH. MY. WORD.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pictures even if I did take them myself! STUNNING colors!!!!!!! We ended up taking this swimsuit back to Tar*get because the front was cut WAY, WAY to low for anyone, much less a little girl!!! Crazy.

I really cannot wait to share the next several sets of collages that I've done with just pics from the weekend.

I didn't want to bombard you all at know with all the awesomeness. Sorry! LOL!! I just get so addicted to taking pictures and now putting them all together.

I can spend an hour playing around with pictures and think it's only been about 10 minutes.

No exaggeration.


  1. I love that hat! I was just at Target again today and didn't see that hat. It's wonderful! I can't wait to see more pictures. Bring them on!!

  2. No wonder you're getting addicted to taking pictures--they're gorgeous! Keep 'em coming!

    PS--I had such a hard time finding anything in a bathing suit for my 12-year-old that wasn't way low cut!

  3. Your little girl is beautiful and the pictures are just gorgeous. What province is your daughter from?

  4. Ug. I've tried to post a comment on here three times and every time I get to your security thing my internet drops me! Now I can't remember what was so important to say in the first place! But I wanted you to know I dropped by.

    Oh! and, bombard away. We can handle the onslaught of pictures.

    BTW, would you email me the b/w/ one of you in your profile? Love it.

  5. Oh I LOVE your collages! How beautiful. I wish I had a great camera like that. :)