Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

::Click on all photos to enlarge::

What a blast we had this weekend entertaining some friends in our new backyard!!! Great way to kick-off the beginning of home ownership. I can't even explain how much I love our pool, the chairs, tables, umbrellas and ESPECIALLY my darling little colorful lights and citronella candles!! A backyard oasis that I haven't had since I lived at home with my parents in the country.

Below was actually on Saturday with my parents who visited and helped fund some of the fun new things in the oasis.

We really missed not having PandaJoy with us as we usher in summer, but again.....He is in control even when our hearts want more than the blessings He already lavishes on us.

We will be traveling sometime this week to help PandaPop's family say goodbye to his grandfather who passed away this morning. Interesting that he died on Memorial Day when he served our country in such a gruesome way as the medic/clean up crew a week after we stormed the beaches at Normandy. These last few years were difficult on PP's family because Grandpa had signs of dementia and wasn't very friendly. So sad. Thanks for your prayers. Remember those soldiers and their families who sacrifice for our country. Our country whose top leadership at the moment exhibits no patriotism for the USA, whatsoever.


  1. Your picture collages are too fun. Looks like a super weekend. I'm sneaking in a few of my favorite blogs at work. I'd rather be home again enjoying a long weekend. At least it's Tuesday!

  2. Sooo, you're going to let me know when business is booming so much with your photo biz that you need some kind of assistant, right?!? Heehee :)

    I can't WAIT to see your home!

  3. Ok, come see my Memorial Day Collage. :)

    You inspired me. I actually make collages all the time and put them on my computer desktop, but never think to blog them.

  4. Love the collages! They really seem to capture the, fun, fun!!!! Also love the pictures of PG in her dance recital. The dresses are gorgeous...just perfect for your little beauty!