Wednesday, May 5, 2010

They Outdid Themselves

I am in love with the new Mercy Me CD and I don't even have it---YET!

I have always loved this band and they just keep on getting better with age and life experiences. I think they hit the jackpot with this little baby they just released. Not only is the music awesome, but the "look" of the album and their costumes are fabulously my taste in creativity and the meaning and hope of the whole thing is, just, well, just God.

They are hoping for a movement of real Jesus love in action. I've no doubt it will flourish and God will bless it.

God will be blessed.

So interesting that I find this on the very same night that I finished up Financial Peace University and our final lesson was about GIVING. Dave Ramsey gave us so much knowledge and tangible things to do to be good stewards of God's money over the course of the 12 previous lessons and tonight stated that none of it matters if we don't understand that we are called to be givers and not hoarders.

I have always been faithful to tithe and I am, by nature a giver. I would LOVE to give, give, give to everyone, but for some greedy reason I hate giving tips at Sonic. I mean, really--walking from the counter to the car and handing me my brown bag and caramel/mocha java chiller isn't that hard. PandaPop and I have gone 'round and 'round with this for years. He waited tables a bit in our seminary days so he has buy in. I have no problem tipping at restaurants, but for some reason I have had an issue about Sonic tips.

How dare I?! My heart is the issue, not the tip! I will roll down my window and hand a person on the street corner ANYthing I can find in my car but I won't tip at Sonic.

No more.

I am a changed woman and will forever tip EXTRA at Sonic and anywhere else. None of the money is mine anyway. It's all God's.

The Generous Mr. Lovewell is my new focus.

The Generous Mrs. PandaLovewellMom


  1. Dave Ramsey rules at our house too. Sounds like I need to pick up the new MercyMe. Perhaps I can suggest that for Mother's day!!

    Happy soon-to-be Mother's day, friend!!

  2. That's funny, I always try to tip at sonic since knowing some teens and how much they made in tips...but here at our sonic, there is an odd little guy who works there and I tip him extra everytime because he tells everyone he waits on about Jesus and he is so thankful when you tip him! I figure he is making a killing in tips!