Sunday, May 9, 2010

On Being a Mom

Mother's Day is always such an ocean of feelings for me. I find myself so very grateful for the gift of being the mother of PandaGirl. Why did God see fit for me to get the blessing of being her mommy?!! I am truly blessed.

I think of my own mom whom I adore and no words can express my thoughts deeply enough.

I think of my mother-in-love that has blessed my life so.

I think about all the years of crying and wanting and hoping and waiting and the disappointments in trying to start our family and then experiencing the wonderful blessing of finally being a mother.

I think of my friends who have never gotten the opportunity to "finally" become a mother and have basically given up due to age. That hurts my heart for them.

I think of my younger friends who are entering that awful heart-wrenching stage when all their friends so easily get pregnant--and pregnant again--yet their own turn seems so out of reach.

I think of my grown up friend whose own mother ran out on the family when my friend was a teen and wasn't there for her as a child much either. My friend is an AMAZING mother.

I think of a little girl at church whose mommy died way too soon leaving a six year old to cling to the memory of a mom.

I think of the children who are beaten, abused and neglected by their own mom and about what happened to her to make her act in such a way.

I think of those orphans who might not even know they need a mom.

I think of the woman who carried my daughter in her tummy and who, for whatever reason, made the life-changing decision to let go of her baby. How she changed my life as well.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. Enjoyed worshipping at church, got hand-made cards from PG and PP. Very excited about getting the new Francine River's book Her Mother's Hope and super pumped about my new Mercy Me CD: The Generous Mr. Lovewell and can't get enough of the Honey Pear Cider candle wax in my new Scentsy burner.

By the grace of God I can enjoy all these bountiful blessings!


  1. What a beautiful post with an equally lovely picture of the two of you. Happy Mother's day, friend.

  2. i agree...sooo many complex emotions surrounding mothers day, most of which i can't articulate very well :). but you did it well!! happy mothers day to you!!

  3. First things first....THAT is the hairstyle for you!! You look amazing!

    Now, for the lesser stuff...LOL..

    All kidding aside, you have walked a long road to becoming a mother...and you are awesome. PG has some idea of how wonderful you are now...but she will fully understand in times to come...and imitate you. What a gift to give her.

    Love you much~

  4. Ohhhh, just beautiful. I ditto all of that!!

  5. Love love love this picture!! Southern Sis, you are looking terrific!!. And of course Panda Girl is a beauty. :o)