Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So Appalled I Can't Even Express It

There are so many words that I could write about this, but really there are no words.


Makes my heart absolutely cry out in horror for these darling babies who have been openly placed into child p*orn while a whole crowd of parents and instructors cheer them on. How oh how can this be?

Click here to watch a video of one of the most horrible excuses I have ever seen for entertainment.


  1. It is shocking to see what dance studios and even cheerleading teams think is appropriate. I had to make the choice for my 12-year-old to not allow her to dance or cheer because so many of the costumes and dance routines were completely out of line. We took her out of dance and cheerleading when she was a lot younger because even for the little ones,it was becoming a problem!

  2. It is enlightening to why/how sex is used to sell everything. Things like this make me wonder why people ask why we have pedophiles. You invite perverted behavior when it is perverted itself. Do these girls even have a clue what they are doing? The sad thing is of you look at their faces...it appears so. The gravity of this is something people don't want to think about...the ramifications to come will be severe.

    The comments below the video...one person said they saw absolutely nothing wrong with it. It's what all the dancers (of all ages) are doing. Heartbreaking. I applaud JenLo for taking a stand. In all my years of teaching, I felt like this kind of behavior was happening at younger and younger ages...this is one reason why.

    On a different not...your blog looks great. You should do a whole series of pictures of your cat. He has SUCH personality.

    Love you~

  3. I am appalled at some of the things parents think are ok for their LITTLE girls, as well as their big girls to do. This is just inviting every creep and perv to lust over their daughters. Absolutely sickening!!!

  4. I just don't get it at all. There are some great legitimate dance moves that I would KILL to be able to do in that dance. But all you really see is way too young girls in bedroom/brothel attire gyrating hips that shouldn't by gyrating like that. And then the comments below that say there is nothing wrong with it and especially the one that says shame on us for taking something innocent and turning it into something dirty. I'd hate to see what she views as dirty if that is innocent!

    And thanks for getting Beyonce stuck in my head. I HATE that song!